Are Jesuits Still Christians?

Would turn in his own grave: St. Francis Xavier

The question is, my dear readers, not a rhetoric one.

One wonders whether the Jesuits should not be consigned to forced extinction before the sheer force of mortality extinguishes them; which it will do before long unless they recover sanity.

This here is the latest example. A Jesuit Catholic University decides that “domestic partners” should get the same benefits as married couples. Notice that the term of “domestic partner” is used, which might be a local particularity but might also be a clumsy attempt not to say (oh, that word…) “same-sex marriage”.

Most astonishing, though, is that such a scandalous decision is justified by the University with the allegedly Jesuit principle of cura personalis. In the nuChristianity of these deluded heretics such a principle justifies both scandal and being accessory to another’s sin; and this from an institution controlled by a religious organisation, led by a Jesuit; an organisation known the world over and therefore more easily confused by poorly instructed Catholic with authentic bearers of Christian values.

Francis Xavier and St. Ignatius would roll in their own grave at knowing that their successors disfigure their principles in the most cretinous of ways, even leaving the most elementary Christian principles out of the equation.

It is truly better that such cancerous organisations are abolished par ordre du mufti than to allow them to further sabotage the cause of Christianity.

The Church has closed long-standing institutions when they have covered themselves with such a shame that their survival could not be justified any more. The homo-seminary in Austria comes to mind, and various orders of “sisters irreligious” in the United States could soon follow the example. There is no reason why the Jesuits should be allowed to continue to sabotage Christianity in such a way. When they don’t deserve to live anymore they should die, the good ones among them (if any) moved to other orders to be properly re-instructed and the bad deprived of their habit and left to fend for themselves, as they didn’t want to fend for Christ.

Cura personalis, my aunt.

Cura te ipsum, rather.


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  1. Another example of the breakdown is America magazine. Home to proportionalists and subtlizers.

  2. This university is Marquette University in Milwaukee, where I live, so I know the whole story pretty well. Mundabor’s points are all well taken.

    The Jesuit in question, Father Wild, has thumbed his nose at Church teaching for years without the slightest attempt by the local Ordinary to reign him in. Recently he tried to hire a lesbian to head some department or another but got shot down – not by the Bishop, apparently, but by the money-giving alumni who laid the law down to him. In the ensuing mess Wild “paid her off” with a financial settlement for causing the poor dear some grief.

    He has also hired the ousted pro-abortion left wing former senator Russ Feingold to teach law there.

    I have written to the Ordinary, Bishop Listecki, asking him to take action on this new “domestic partner benefits” outrage, tactfully reminding him that he is the boss of what goes on in Catholic circles in Milwaukee and that if the Church doesn’t want what’s left of its credibility (vis-a-vis the homosexual crisis) to be in tatters he needs to take decisive action.

    Will Listecki act? We shall see.

    • Recently he tried to hire a lesbian to head some department or another but got shot down – not by the Bishop, apparently, but by the money-giving alumni who laid the law down to him. In the ensuing mess Wild “paid her off” with a financial settlement for causing the poor dear some grief.

      Thanks Schmenz,

      I had read some reference but in the absence of details, my supposition had been that the university had hired the woman, fired her after discovering that she was lesbian and paid her some “silence money”.

      I might, perhaps, be forgiven for never imagining that the member of a religious order would willigly hire a known lesbian to lead a university department.

      I hope that Bishop Listecki will do something, but frankly this is a very pious hope as father Wild (nomen omen) would have avoided his antics if Listecki had been a bit vigilant in the first place.

      Thank you again for the useful insights!


  3. Mundabor:

    You have that basically right. The lesbian was offered the job and she (or “it”, really) did accept it, but when the news got out the Marquette alumni went after Wild and forced him to rescind it. Again, I don’t know if Bishop Listecki got involved. I tend to doubt that he did or it would have been all over the newspapers, but we can’t say for sure.

    And, yes, Wild knew full well she was queer before offering her the job.

  4. One part of me just wants the Jesuits to be suppressed and have the whole thing done with. We’d actually have a good reason for doing it this time, too.

    Another part of me wants them to stick around, so we can have all of the dissenters and heretics in one place. If they’re suppressed, the members will just become secular clerics or join other orders, and bring their error with them.

    The really sad part is, almost all of the “big name” religious orders have gone so far south as to be unrecoverable. Franciscans, Jesuits, Benedictines. Even my beloved Dominicans only have one or two good provinces.

    • NSS,

      I also very much like the Dominicans particularly for their past and truly jope that they’ll be able to find the path to recovery. But I think among the Dominicans there is more awareness of the problem than among Franciscans and Jesuits.


  5. Irenaeus of New York

    It should also be pointed out that they (the Jesuits) have been pushing Liberation Theology for a number of years. A vile mixture of marxism and Christianity. It is the one reason I am against the cause for beatification of Oscar Romero. He was a proponent of LT and it would legitimize his writings.

    Having said that, there are still some very good Jesuits around. Father Mitch Pacwa of EWTN comes to mind.

  6. If anyone is interested in the further dreary adventures of the miserable Father Wild of Marquette University here is another story which appeared in yesterdays Milwaukee Journal/Sentinel:

    That he hasn’t been at least suspended (let alone defrocked) by now indicates the extent of the mortal illness now strangling the life out of the Church. I pay little attention to the group (“SNAP”) that has brought this story to light, for they are attacking the problem from the wrong but politically correct way. But this time they have done a useful service in showing us more about this unspeakable man.

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