“A Scandalous Relationship”

The always courageous Cardinal Newman Society has published a rather shocking report about the ties of Catholic institutions with Planned Parenthood, the No 1 genocidal organisation in the United States.

Let us read the most salient passages from the report:

Despite the Catholic Church’s unambiguous teaching on abortion and contraception, we discovered referrals to Planned Parenthood for “health” services, internships and fellowships with Planned Parenthood, seemingly boastful disclosures of employees’ past work with Planned Parenthood, and other ties to this and other “pro-choice” organizations.

The problems are spread across dozens of institutions, with occasional concentrations at highly secularized institutions like Georgetown University and Seattle University, two leading Jesuit institutions.

(Good Lord, the Jesuits again…… For more about what Jesuits are capable of, see here).

What is publicized on the Internet often indicates more extensive concerns hidden from public view, so while the information contained this report is shocking and scandalous, it is only based on a rudimentary search of college websites and likely does not capture all ties to Planned Parenthood at Catholic colleges and universities.

In no way can the work of Planned Parenthood be considered compatible with the mission of Catholic higher education or the moral teachings of the Catholic Church.

(That there is need to say these things in the first place shows the extent of the lapse of Catholic reason in the realm of higher education)

There appears to be a pervasive attitude toward Planned Parenthood that regards the abortion and contraceptive agency as benign. This attitude is simply inconsistent with a genuine Catholic sensibility.

(It’s inconsistent with being Catholic, period).

We urge Catholic colleges and universities to embrace a no-tolerance position for any relationship with Planned Parenthood—including disqualifying candidates for teaching positions with previous experience working with or for pro-abortion organizations.

(How beautifully politically incorrect. Though even I would leave the door open to those who publicly recant their former position and offer allegiance to the Church’s teaching).

There are matters of Catholic identity which require discernment and which may not point to simple solutions. There is no such nuance here—Planned Parenthood is a serious danger to the health, lives and souls of innocent students. There is no place for Planned Parenthood on a Catholic campus.

It is not entirely surprising – though entirely depressing – that once again, a vast number of US bishops have been caught fast asleep, or blind from three eyes, or simply disinterested, or all of these things together.

It is also not at all surprising that Jesuit-led institutions be once again singled out as a prime source of scandal.

On a more positive note, one can only notice that such ties with openly genocidal organisation are probably not an invention of these last years, but that now at least organisations like the Cardinal Newman Society have gained enough momentum to drag this to the attention of the Catholic opinion even amid the very loud snoring of the US bishops. In the end, the CNS itself recognises that “today we are beginning to see some movement toward a renewal of Catholic identity in Catholic higher education”, though that are very clear that “serious problems remain”.

Kudos to the Cardinal Newman Society, then; and let us hope that, in time, more and more bishops will wake up and smell, for a change, a bit of Catholic coffee.


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  1. Mundabor,

    I laud the people of the Cardinal Newmann Society, but things have only gotten worse in the five or so years since I started donating to them. They are certainly fighting the good fight, but I’m almost frightened to open their mail to learn some new horror at a Catholic institution of higher education. Most recently, Gonzaga University, in Washington state, which was said to be rediscovering its Catholic identity, is putting on the lewd and morally bankrupt play “The Vagina Monologs” this spring. Who is in charge there–obviously pagans. I’m also tuning into Real Catholic TV lately, and it’s looking more and more that things are so far gone in most sectors of the institutional Church here, that we must just walk away from them–they are so rotten. The institutional Church spat in the eye of the Pope when he implored it to promote solid catechesis at institutions of higher learning. New, though very small, truly Catholic institutions are springing up in several states so that is where the Catholic money should be. I care not a whit about Notre Dame anymore. If parents really cared about the faith formation of their children they would demand a little more rigor and would not tolerate what is going on in these places. But they are not. It’s not that they are stupid–it’s just that they themselves have bought into the larger culture as consumers–they simply think their children are going to get a finer education at the likes of Notre Dame, Georgetown, etc and will make more money ultimately. A little social justice is thrown in to assuage the parents that the institution is “truly catholic”, thus lessening the discomfort of what the parents know in their heart to be true. All this networking with Planned Parenthood isn’t being done in a stealth mode. Real parents know that their daughters and sons are doing internships there. They really do know that Gay-Lesbian-Bisexual and Transgendered Week takes place on campus. So why should I care about saving these citadels of rot????? Notre Dame has existed for only an inkling of time since the dawn of the Church, as does every other Catholic university here in the “New World”. Things change, a new day in American Catholicism will one day dawn, and all these Planned Parenthood, abortion, homosexuality and other sexual perversion embracing institutions will end up on the dustheap of history.

  2. Mundabor,

    I know the Church will prevail, but not necessarily in the halls of Notre Dame U. Saint Sophia’s in Constantinople is now a mosque.

    • Ah yes, certainly.
      Many setbacks and dolours down the road.
      But personally to think of the Church’s indefectibility helps me to throw a different light over things.
      Sometimes I think that the world is coming to an end. Then I reflect that many Christians over the years have been in worse shape than we are now.

      In this light, I’d see the bad news from the magazine you receive more like birth pangs for a new Christian offensive than as a sign of irreversible decline.


    • RV,

      in a beautiful example of how things sometimes improve 😉 , Hagia Sophia in Istanbul is now a museum, having been de-consacrated (so to speak) as mosque already in the Thirties of the last century.

      Of course this is not the right situation (which would be: as Christian place of worship) but it is certainly an improvement.. 😉


  3. Hmm, I knew when I wrote “Saint Sophia’s” that something didn’t sound right…Hagia Sophia, of course. And it’s true that Constantinople is now Istanbul. And, you are right, we often can’t wrap our heads around the timeline of God. Like you, Mundabor, I get so frustrated…especially at the Episcopy (? is that a word). What, exactly, are our bishops defending, upholding?…it doesn’t seem like the Faith, rather it seems like whatever is politically correct. Real Catholic TV is disdained by the Archdiocese of Detroit, and they do not endorse the work they are doing. Please watch the latest episode of Real Catholic TV and learn how Michael Voris was banned by the diocese of Scranton, PA from using the premises of a Catholic college to speak on the beauty and truth of the faith, after Scranton checked with Detroit as to Michael’s credentials, etc. But, Scranton allowed a lesbian who is “out” and a vocal proponent of abortion and same sex marriage speak. No voice for orthodoxy allowed. This is academic freedom? Bah…Hiss….

  4. I think my moniker leaves you a little rattled. You call me RV, as if I am a recreational vehicle. Think of the red velvet cape, trimmed in white fur that Benedict XVI wears around Christmastide and I do not think my name will embarrass you anymore.

    • Redvelvette,
      I just shorten your name as I do with almost all the others.

      I sign most of my messages with “M”, too.

      I know of no recreational vehicles with “RV”, by the way.


  5. Mundabor,

    All Americans call vehicles with 4 wheel drive RVs. (Recreational Vehicles) RVs are ubiquitous on the American landscape–a must have for suburban “soccer moms”, the status symbol of choice. Landrovers, Hummers, Tahoes, Escalades, Jeep Grand Cherokees, etc…they are everywhere. Most have never seen an unpaved backroad of any gradient that would require four wheel drive. And on snowy days when people do think 4 wheel drive is needed, they use it and drive too fast for the conditions. Most road-side abandoned vehicles during a snowstorm here are of the RV variety. Go figure.

    • Redvelvette,

      this is funny, it reminds me of the people who had the gas pedal stuck and couldn’t think of disconnecting the gear, calling 999 instead….


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