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“Holy Week”, A Vintage CTS Booklet

Miserere mei, Domine

“Holy Week”

In preparation for the Holy Week, Shane at the always excellent Lux Occulta has posted this vintage booklet dedicated to the Holy Week.

I’d say that besides being a very good indication of how seriously people took the Holy Week in 1961, it has lost nothing of its, well, “modernity” and can – if printed, or consulted daily – be a very useful “spiritual guide” to the very important days in front of us.

There’s not much to say other than to suggest the reading of this booklet, which is nothing world-changing in Catholic instruction, nor is it supposed to be – but is very intelligent structured. A pity that the CTS doesn’t decide to really reprint and market these useful booklets instead of forcing us to cope with a .pdf version (and lucky to get it, I’d add).


A prayer for our indefatigable Shane is, I think, more than in order.


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