Meet Maria! No, Not That One!

Conan Doyle had Sherlock Holmes say that reality produces stories that the most fervent imagination couldn’t invent.

One is, therefore, reminded of this great author when he knows of a taxpayer-funded website called (well, no; no active link). The site is, unsurprisingly, funded by the State of Massachusetts, always in the forefront of every abomination movement.

This site gives girls such “useful” advice as suggesting that abortion is easy and safe (“effective”, they say, meaning that at the end of the procedure the baby is most surely dead), accompanied at most by some “temporary discomfort”.

This site is really satanic. To have the gut to even suggest to a girl that when she aborts she will not run the risk (and even the most Goebbelsian of pro-choice activist must admit that the risk is there) of being haunted all her life by what she has done is pure evil.

Instead, the accent is on “temporary” and on that oh so innocuous word, “discomfort”. One would think it is about a gym session, but it is about legalised murder instead.

Always on the satanic line, the name of the oh so liberated fictional woman giving oh so practical advice is, what a coincidence, “Maria”.

Also note that “Maria” gives suggestions about how to abort without the parents knowing. Think how nice this is: you are a taxpayer and you discover that your taxes are funding sites teaching your daughter how to kill your nephew without you even knowing! Aahh, freedom…..

Methinks, many parents will experience more than “temporary discomfort” when they know this.

If I were pro-oh-chooooooice, I’d wonder whether it’s not always the wrong ones who get aborted.


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