Daily Telegraph Now Completely Overtaken By Homo Mafia

Looking for news about the beatification of the late John Paul II, I went on the “Telegraph” page. It is now 21:48 of Sunday evening and what you click is this (of course they might change it).

It turn out that in the same page dealing with the beatification, there is a disgusting, obscene photo of two men kissing; they are obviously kissing in opposition to the Pope and the “Telegraph” calls them – following the diktat of worldwide poofdom – “gays”. …

This homosexual rag can’t even allow Catholics to read in peace about what they consider a great day without smashing in their face obscene photos of clear anti-Catholic content.

That two men kissing are a disgusting sight for everyone who is not a poof himself or so corrupted as to have lost the very meaning of the term “perversion” doesn’t seem to be a concern for the editors of the “Telegraph”.

Damn perverts.


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  1. Yes the Telegraph is a sick, sensationalist rag. Thank heavens for the internet. I never buy a newspaper anymore!

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