Pope Removes Bishop

Read here about the removal of bishop (small p) William Morris from his diocese of Toowoomba, Australia.

My small observations:

1) The chap offered to resign when it was clear that his time was up, but he was sacked anyway.

2) He had been going on for years with astonishing heresies like ordinations of women priests, and recognising the validity of Protestant “orders”.

Whilst one is glad that in the end the Vatican has finally acted, one can’t avoid asking how on Earth is it possible that a Bishop writes to the Pope openly outing himself as a heretic and he is allowed to remain as a bishop I do not say for five years, but five hours.

In truth, the mere fact that Morris would feel he could provoke the Holy father by writing his letter on Advent 2006 (no typo) and remained, in fact, unpunished says it all about the weakness which continues to afflict the higher (and highest) echelons of the Church. This man has confused Catholics for too long, and these things should not be allowed to happen at all.

Still, one registers with a certain satisfaction that, in extreme cases and after a half eternity, something happens and that at time this something can even be the boot. Make no mistake, though: this is still too little, too late.

Methinks, Morris will be allowed to enjoy a comfortable living as a retired bishop, and I can’t imagine he will shut up anyway. There’s no word about excommunication, not even about exclusion from communion.

I can understand that, say, 500 years ago reactions to heretical movement were reasonably slow, as communications were different and accurate information took a long, log time to travel.

But in the age of the internet, fifteen hundred days of openly heretical position as a bishop is, frankly, fifteen hundred days too long.


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  1. 500 years ago, they’d have barbecued the sadly misled fellow.

    • Some people would do it even now 😉

      With procession and a stern Dominican preaching whilst the execution goes on….

      Say what you want, but these Spaniards knew how to do certain things properly 😉


  2. nihilsubsole

    This fiasco reminds me of the other recent story of the Maryknoll priest who has been an advocate for the “ordination” of women and of liberation theology for well past 30 years, and who just now was threatened with dismissal from his religious order if he did not recant these positions.

    I know he refused to recant; I suspect that his order will chicken out and refrain from giving him the boot.

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