The Eminem Tridentine Mass Is Coming….

Soon to be commissioned a Requiem Mass? Eminem.

I read from Father Z’s blog that a priest in England would be planning a TLM with…….. female servers. Why am I thinking “spare ribs with ice cream on top”……..?

I can think only of the following:

1) Priest is not as intelligent as he should. It happens in the best dioceses.

2) Priest is one of those who always want to make everyone happy, and ends up angering everyone.

3) Priest has recognised that the advance of the Tridentine cannot be stopped, and wants to apply a sort of “Bugnini treatment” to it. If I can’t stop it, I’ll ruin it.

4) Priest doesn’t understand what a Tridentine Mass is: a traditional mass. It is like wanting to celebrate a traditional Requiem mass, and asking Eminem to compose the music.

5) Priest loves publicity. And praise from the wymyn.

6) Priest is Archbishop Vincent Nichols.

I am curious to see how said priest imagines the rest: How about communion standing and on the hand (and Cardinal Burke be damned)? Will there be a launch of M&M’s among the pews after communion? How about liturgical dancers after the introductory rites? Or letting the faithful sing “We Are The Champions” in answer to “Ite, Missa est”?
Questions, questions…

I really can’t think what moves people to this kind of rather childish, kitsch, counterproductive initiative. The Tridentine Mass is a Weltanschauung, not a matter of regulations. You can’t have Eminem setting it in music just because, say, no one has expressly forbidden it. You celebrate the Tridentine Mass because you honour tradition, not because you want to demolish it.

These events always remind me of those old people dressing ridiculously in order not to appear “outdated” by the young generations; as a result they look even older than they are, stupid to boot, and get no respect from anyone.

Methinks, exactly what is going to happen to the above mentioned priest.


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  1. misericordia2

    Perhaps this is this priest’s idea of “mutual enrichment” between the two forms!

    That term, “mutual enrichment” absolutely terrifies me, as I can think of nothing from the Novus Ordo that could in any way be a positive improvement to the Traditional Mass

    People seem to make the mistake of assuming that adherents of the Tridentine Mass are attracted to it just because they love Latin. They fail to understand that the Latin is only a small part of it and that its attraction lies in its theological purity and its
    freedom from any kind of abuse. There is no communion standing and in the hand, no extraordinary ministers of Holy Communion, no kissing and hand-shaking and certainly no female altar servers.

    I love the Traditional Mass. I could not bear to see the rubrics changed in any way. No mutual enrichment for me, or I am off to the SSPX !

    • Absolutely agree.

      Mutual enrichment = TLM destruction.

      A TLM with altar girls is, in fact, an invitation to go to the next SSPX chapel. Then they’d better stamp the flyers with the SSPX addresses directly.

      Please read next blog post for encouraging development.


    • Oh well, obviously this might the aim.

      “We offer the EF, and… look! No one comes to it!”


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