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Man Bites Dog

Angry priest; latter not for long...

You might remember a blog post about Fr Pfleger, one of those ueber-liberal priests desirous to worship social ideals and, of course, themselves.

To what kind of madness this “homemade Catholicism” can lead is showed by the news, now reported by the Chicago Tribune , that Fr Pfleger has, no less, given an ultimatum to his bishop to reintegrate him within this weekend, or else he will start preaching on his own wherever he is invited…. .

Now, we fully understand that Fr Pfleger wants to leave the Church anyway and, apart from the consequences for his soul, I can’t say that the event saddens me so much.

What surprises me is that Pfleger descends to such a level of infantilism as to give an ultimatum to his bishop as to his disciplinary measure, as if he had any control over what the bishop can (or more probably: will) do to him.

In the article you will also notice that the man, preparing himself for his new audience, has adopted clearly Protestant tones: he will, he says, leaves the church (and with that, clearly, the Church) “if he believes God wants him to go”. This statement sounds pure Pentecostalism to me, with the chap in question justifying his obviously unChristian (and rebellious) decision with what he thinks “God wants him to do”. One is also reminded of Terry Jones, the pastor who has been already entertaining us with his clear attempts to receive phoine calls from heaven, and then deciding their content themselves. Most of all, it reminds one of those “man bites dog” headlines…..

Pfleger remains, then , utterly rebellious and his behaviour increasingly more childish (he “needs to get back to preaching”; vanitas vanitatum…).

I think, therefore, that he will soon be asked to go.

Don’t let the door hit you on the way out, Father….


“Universae Ecclesiae” is Coming

Such is the name of the famous, long-awaited Instruction on Summorum Pontificum.

More on this on Friday, when the text is released.

“Universae Ecclesiae” is expected to be far from the original fears, but not entirely satisfactory, either.


EDIT: By following the comments on Father Z’s blog it would appear that Universae Ecclesiae is to be, contrarily to what I have written above, extremely satisfactory! And this, in the day of Fatima!

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