Universae Ecclesiae: Modernist Reaction Is A Non Sequitur

Italy, "where the sweet "si" sounds" and, sometimes, screams.....

I simply love Messa In Latino. Besides being so instructive, it is so…. Italian! There you can find passionate, rather abrasive blog posts and long lists of comments going from the openly aggressive to the extremely well-educated (not that the educated are less aggressive, mind……), but all talking and screaming together in best Italian style.

I envy that happy troop a bit, because if among Italians you can be… Italian without even noticing what you are doing – or without even noticing how special this mixture of sarcasm and folly, erudition and frontal assault is  – if you behave in the same way in an Anglo-Saxon context the wolves will be upon you, bombarding you with accusations of being “uncharitable”, “not inclusive”, and the like. Blessed be Italy, its love for frank speaking and its absence of politically correct tosh.

This time, Messa In Latino gives us a special treat: the inordinate rant of a liberal theologian basically claiming that Universae Ecclesiae is an absurdity because…… the 1962 rite has been abolished.

The article is too long for it to be translated, and the arguments too cretinous to deserve translation. But it seems to me that if the liberal camp has reduced itself to the point of having to claim that the Tridentine is nothing more than an absurd attempt to resuscitate a rite caduto dalla vigenza (“fallen out of legal validity”), then it is fair to say that liberals are now truly in dire straits.

The other argument, less legal but not more intelligent, is that this instruction be, as Summorum Pontificum before it, divisive. One can’t avoid smiling at the fact that those same people who have raped the Tridentine Mass in just a few years, imposing a sweeping wind of change on everything that was sacred, should now call this very prudent and slow process of recovery of, well, liturgical sanity divisive.

I also wonder where such arguments, if continued or taken seriously, might lead: will we have a sedevacantism from the left? A sort of “Society of Paul The Sixth”?

Still, this is where we are now and in fact, I think that the wailings of the liberal will cease only through the tireless work of the Tridentine’s best friend: the undertaker.


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  1. Oh dear, I think I’m going to have to learn Italian! 😉

  2. misericordia2

    A “Society of Paul Vl”. Mundabor, I love it!
    Let’s hope somebody takes up this idea and all the liberals and dissenters fall into it!

    • Misericordia,

      I must say the worst part of me is tempted by that, too… tempted to wish that they may go wherever they please and leave the Church alone. Alas, I think I am supposed to pray for their conversion instead.. 😉


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