Holy Hour, The Argentinian Way

If you have ever wondered how it is that in South America Protestantism advances and the new generations are more attracted to it than to the religion of their fathers, you will certainly be confused by this, a moving witness of Catholic fervour and staunch orthodoxy during the Holy Hour.

Note the reverent posture, the respectful way the faithful are dressed (with the shoes denoting, as everyone knows, the real mark of the well-dressed man), the extreme richness of the Main Altar and the total participation clearly visible in the pensive, profound expression of these pious Catholics. This is the embodiment of sacredness, a monument to everything that is most authentically Catholic.

With such force and purity of faith; with such unquenchable thirst for Truth; with such irresistible desire for Christ, how can it be that the Catholic church in South America suffers under the advance of the Protestants?

A mistery, really….


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  1. ‘Spiritual genocide’ is an emotive term but it accurately describes the effect of liturgical and doctrinal heteropraxis in the Latin Church. No wonder they look so bored.

  2. Irenaeus of New York

    These bishops and pastors just don’t get it. I wonder if seminary formation should start with mandatory service in the host nations military for 4 years. Maybe it would teach them a little bit about service, leadership and motivation:)

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