Universae Ecclesiae And The Smell of Victory

He would have loved the smell of Universae Ecclesiae in the morning.....

From Una Voce‘s press release, published on Rorate Caeli.

“what is perfectly clear is that the Holy Father has fully restored to the universal Church the traditional Roman rite as enshrined in the liturgical books of 1962, that the rubrics in force in 1962 must be strictly observed, and that Latin and the Usus Antiquior must be taught in seminaries where there is a pastoral need. And this pastoral need must be determined by those who wish to benefit from Summorum Pontificum and Universae Ecclesiae, and not be decided by those many in authority whose natural desire is to prevent their implementation.

Am I the only one noticing a new attitude, a new confidence, and the smell of victory?


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  1. Dear Mundabor,

    no, you are not the only one! The message is loud and clear.

    Glad to have discovered your Blog. Very refreshing. I will be back frequently.

    Best regards, WK

  2. Thanks Mundabor. Got the link from Summorum-Pontificum.de. Equally good site! You guys also seem to be cross referencing each other. That is very good, the Catholic (in the true sense) network has to get bigger.

    BR, WK1999

    • Ah, this is very interesting as I have, in turn, discovered the page you mentioned from the link they posted to my site. An excellent blog and written in a very elegant, but clear German. They also seem to be very attentive, and as you say I have linked to their post regarding the SSPX.

      The passion and quality found on conservative Catholic blogs is a real pleasure. Truly a pity that this should be the direct consequence of so much shallowness and superficiality to be found in the “real” Catholic world.


  3. I fully agree with you, the owner of Summorum-Pontificum.de is not only a true Catholic but also a trained media and PR professional and journalist. I am also grateful for the blogs you have listed above under “Blogroll”, very impressive. I wished we had those in Germany as well, apart from Summorum-Pontificum.de I have actually no overview about quality Blogs/websites here.

    BR, WK1999

    • Ahhh, a true professional then….. I should have imagined it.
      May I be flattered that he chose to link to my blog, then? Come on, just a bit.. 😉

      I follow (irregularly) many more blogs than those in my blogroll, but think that it is better to list only a limited quantity of very good ones than the usual interminable list which tries not to offend anyone and in the end doesn’t help anyone, either. I also do not subscribe to the well-spread mentality of “linking so that one is linked to” and, in fact, continue to link to truly excellent blogs who stubbornly refuse to link to mine…. ;).

      Anyway, I am not a professional of the guild; therefore, please forgive whatever imperfection, unprofessional utterances (many of those…) or outright blunders you may find here.


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