Universae Ecclesiae And The SSPX

never a Sedevacantist: Archbishop Lefebvre

From the German site Summorum Pontificum, a communique’ of the German SSPX about Universae Ecclesiae:

Two points are particularly noteworthy:

1. Zur Frage des Papstamtes

Die Priesterbruderschaft St. Pius X. anerkennt Papst Benedikt XVI. als rechtmäßigen Papst und als Oberhaupt der katholischen Kirche. […]

My translation:

1. On the question of the Papal Office:

The Society of St. Pius X acknowledges Pope Benedict XVI as legitimately reigning Pope and as the Head of the Catholic Church. […]

It follows a clear distinction between them and the Sedevacantists. We knew that already, but I think there is a lot of confusion around.

2. Zur Frage der neuen Messe

Die Bruderschaft bestreitet nicht die Gültigkeit der neuen Messform. Wenn sie korrekt gefeiert wird – was an vielen Orten allerdings nicht mehr selbstverständlich ist – ist sie eine gültige Messfeier. […]

Again, my translation:

2. On the question of the New Mass

The Society doesn’t question the validity of the new form of Mass. When it is celebrated correctly – which in several places is not an automatic occurrence anymore – it is a valid Mass celebration […].

It follows, again, a rather convoluted explanation that the Novus Ordo be valid, but the SSPX has doubt about its “legality” or “legitimacy” or “lawfulness” (Rechtsmaessigkeit), an expression that I can’t explain to you – in my simple world, if you recognise its validity it means that you recognise the right of the Church to celebrate it – and would make a clarification of the SSPX very welcome.

Still, I find it positive that the SSPX in Germany has explicitly intervened making clear that they recognise both the Pope’s legitimacy and authority, and the validity of the New Mass. It is sad to hear incorrect or outright mendacious information about the Society and this kind of intervention is just what is required to deal with it. I wish the SSPX would intervene more often on these points, as otherwise they offer the flank to misinformation or outright calumniation.


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  1. The problem SSPX is facing (at least in Germany) is that it will always be connected with the PR desaster concerning the statements by Bishop Williamson on the Holocaust. This is conveniently being used to slander SSPX as extremist, ultra conservative, fascist and the like. Publicly they are therefore being ignored and there is very little recognition of such a rather balanced reply/analysis of Universae Ecclesiae.


    • Ahh, I understand what you mean.
      I have lived in Germany many years and the Holocaust things is absolutely extreme over there. No surprise being connected with Williamson careless and, no doubt, misconstrued externations would damage them so much.

      In the country where even the Christian Democrats vote in favour of homo partnership, this is not entirely surprising..


  2. Well, the Christian Democrats are a big disappointment in recent years. Considering alone that our so called Christian Democratic President is a Catholic and divorcee and his second wife being the First Lady. Sadly, the days of Adenauer and Kohl are long gone.
    Even in conservative Catholic circles people trying to distance themselves from SSPX, which is a shame. I happened to attend a Holy Mass at SSPX last year during my vacation (in an Asian country) since there was no other mass in the usus antiquior available at that time. Back home a FSSP father was not quite happy it when I told him about it and he asked me to rather attend a Novus Ordo mass than visit SSPX. But I also learned later that lay people in Germany take this in a more pragmatic way. So will I.

    • yes wk, they certainly are.

      Kohl himself was certainly not a saint in these matters (I remember a certain Frau Weber, much talked about; and his wife’s suicide, downplayed as if it was an unfortunate accident due to a rather non-existing medical condition) but one must say that whatever his private weaknesses he always avoided to give scandal. Not so in the Merkel age, a fake Christian if there was ever one.

      I always think of her as the “Lila Kuh”; but I think the real cow must be offended, poor girl.


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