“Allahu Akbar”, Say The Episcopalians

This is not a joke; just, I am afraid, the last idea of some idiot Episcopalian who has completely forgotten what he should stand for.

Read here about this lates Episcopalian exploit. Cupio dissolvi at its best.

And if you happen to be one of those misled souls, do yourself a favour and convert to some Christian organisation (I would suggest the Only Church; the only one founded by Christ) before it’s too late.


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  1. I have no problem with Christians saying “Allahu Akbar” (= God is great), calling people to prayer using the Islamic custom or even praying with Muslims but reading the Koran in Church goes way too far. I agree with them though that Muslims have been unfairly demonized.

    • Shane,

      I do have a problem with Christians saying Allahu Akhbar because, unless they happen to be Arabs, it sound very muslim. I also have a huge problem with Christians calling people to prayer using the islamis custom because it is, erm, an islamic custom and the entire thing stinks to me of religious syncretism. of course, when they even start reading from the Koran Christianity has completely flown away from the window.

      I can think that, say, the Jews have been unfairly demonised; but will never start taking their custom for this reason.


  2. Mundabor, I disagree. There’s nothing instrically wrong with inculturation and it is a very traditional practice; Christianity in more primitive times borrowed lots of pagan customs and sanctified them (eg Celtic Cross).

    • Christianity took some pagan customs because there were no Christian customs.

      But once you have the Christian customs, you follow them. Were this not the case, could we start sitting in front of an altar and chanting oommmmm. This is, again, not the case.

      Similarly, no one dreams of start building minarets in our churches and have the priest call the faithful to prayer fromthere; this is not a Christian custom, this would be islamisation of Christianity.


  3. Mundabor there were indeed Christians customs – well, Jewish customs. But like Christianity, Judaism was a response to revelation. Even in the Age of Exploration Christian missionaries still tried to adopt local customs and christianize them.

    I do see your point though. Personally I think conservative Anglicans are wasting their time!

    Is there any substantial number of Anglicans in Italy?

    • Shane,
      Judaism was a response to revelation, but we do not follow the Leviticus anymore. Judaism is Judaism and Christianity is Christianity. The habits of some missionaries to make concessions to local customs were, in my eyes, highly questionable at times; I remember reading of crucifixes with snakes around them, and the like; simply atrocious. But whilst such practices might have had a temporary justification in a situation where people are completely new to Christianity, this does not justify the adoption of Muslim customs, when Muslims can be fully trusted to understand Christianity on their own and without us starting to islamise ourselves.

      Such an approach would be the same evil as Vatican II (with the protestantisation of the Mass in order to make it, erm, more acceptable to Protestants) but on a vast bigger scale. Christianity must remain Christian and Catholicism must remain Catholic. As V II shows, you can’t attract other people by becoming more like them; you attract other people by explaining to them that they must become like you.

      As far as the Anglicans are concerned, I can safely say that there is no significant presence. I mean, there are british citizens living in Italy and they might have the one or other Anglican parish (perhaps), but Anglicanism has certainly always been non-existent among Italians. You have some Mormons, though (I remember seeing their house-temple in Rome), and every now and then protestant preachers try to make inroads, thinking that Italy may become conquest territory for them. Big mistake. Catholicism is very strong in Italy in that it is part of the very mind of the people, churchgoers or not. I can’t imagine any Protestant shops ever making significant inroads.


  4. Here an example how the Muslims are being accomodated in Germany. A groundbreaking ceremony for a new mosque in Aachen, where a Catholic Priest, a Protestant Pastor and a Jewish Rabbi jointly participate:


    I wonder whether a Muslim Imam in Turkey would ever help in a groundbreaking ceremony of a Church being built there. Oh, I forget this is rather unlikely, I assume that they would be more helpful in demolishing the Mor Gabriel monastery.


    • Excellent message, wk1999

      it appears we are always oh so nice to people who are not really anywhere near nice to us.

      I can’t even understand how a Catholic priest or protestant pastor can be there in an official role without violating the First Vommandment. I mean this is not a pastoral visit – with implicit evangelisation work – but a “good luck, old boy”-kind of encouragement.


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