Three Cheers For Mario Grech And The Maltese Bishops

Small island, great bishops: Malta.

Malta is a Catholic fortress.

No divorce, no abortion, no cremation, no condoms in grocery stores.

This tiny country in the middle of the Mediterranean is now voting about divorce. It is one of only two countries which still get it right.

The vote seemed to assure victory to the divorce faction; but in the last days, the Catholic front has been advancing. The three Maltese bishops are – God bless them – firing from all cannons. Of the three, the most warly seems to be Mario Grech.

Try this:

Beware of the wolf in sheep’s clothing. And the wolf is now saying he is Catholic. This is a falsity, this is deceit

You cannot not be loyal to Christ and say you are a Christian or a Catholic

If you are not in communion with Christ’s teachings, you are not in communion with the Church and you cannot receive communion

to be politically correct and not tell things as they are will lead us to be sorry. There are the brigands among us who are utilizing every means possible to lead the flock astray. They are going after marriage and then other things will follow.

The vote is now too close to call. But if the catholic side loses it will certainly not have been for lack of action of these bishops, fighting with such energy in the last days before the vote.

Oh for English bishops with one tenth of the faith of these brave men!


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  1. Yes fearfulness to the secular media is also a big problem in the Irish Church as well. At least in the English Church the bishops are taking steps to restore traditions, eg Friday penance. I think Paul VI bears a lot of blame, both in his episcopal appointments and his approach to the secular world.

    Mundabor, do you ever find yourself wishing you lived in the 50s?

    • Since I was a child, really.

      I love everything of the Fifities: the cars, the songs, the mentality, the strong anti-communism, the sense of looking to the future with optimism (growth and, later, full occupation everywhere, even in Italy!), the solid religious sense, the well-ordered society. Of course it wasn’t paradise, but I’d prefer a poorer but more solid and more optimistic society to the old, frail, godless defeatism of these days everyday.


  2. shane, Mundabor – AMEN!

  3. Great post. So far, there’s been too little attention to this. Malta is like the American flag in Key’s poem that is “still there” illuminated by the explosions of artillery: a sign that the battle (in our case for the possibility of a state ordered on right principles) has not been lost.
    I like your “warly”–I presume it’s a neologism from “wary” and “gnarly”.

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