Liberal Clerical Fashion Explained

I have written in the last weeks (and before) rather often about strange liberal creatures with clear difficulties in reconciling themselves with Catholicism.

Their problem seems apparent – I would say, it is made by them very apparent – by the inability of these chaps to dress like ordained people. If they have an obligation to dress like clerics, they seem blissfully unaware of it. Let us see some example of this “liberal fashion”.

This is bishop Nourrichard, he of the Thiberville scandal

Exhibit 1: bishop Nourrichard

You can note from this photo that the man likes yellow, and green; that he doesn’t look particularly sober ( an impression of mine, for sure; pastis is not very strong after all…..) and that he has not been blessed with a familiar environment stressing the value of elegance or, at least, basic decency. Congratulations to bishop Nourrichard for the “country bumpkin” prize.

The next one is bishop William Morris, he of Toowoomba

Exhibit 2: bishop Morris

This man was clearly raised up in a more tasteful environment. The shirt is well pressed, the tie well matched, the colours are elegant and dignified. Particularly so, because the sign of the Vatican boot on his backside is not visible on this picture.

The problem is that by looking at the photo you’d never say that he is, of all things, a Catholic bishop; which is, clearly, what he himself wants.
Don’t worry, though: having being kicked out by the Holy Father he is now a retired bishop anyway. If he is defrocked – as he should – he’ll have even more scope for his well-pressed, tasteful shirts. Or perhaps he will then decide to follow his vocation and will dress like a Morris dancer.

Next in line is our “priestesses subito” soi-disant Catholic theologian, Hans Kueng.

Exhibit 3: Hans Kueng

Herr Kueng prefers a sober, traditional style, with a white shirt complemented by a regimental-type tie and a sober London smoke jacket. This would be very fine, if said Herr Kueng were not a religious. The problem with the way he dresses is that he is clearly trying to let you forget that he is a Catholic priest. A circumstance which he has, very probably, long forgotten himself.

Dulcis in fundo, the hero of the hour; the idol of worldwide pedophiles; the staunch defender of sodomy with children; the -apparently – former Dutch Salesian Superior Herman Spronk.

Exhibit 4: Herman Spronk

Note the inquisitive, attentive, piercingly liquid eye. This is a typical expression that once would have been defined “tired and emotional” but we today, unaccustomed to the niceties of the past, simply call drunk. These expressive facial traits – you see in them a clear sympathy for the tragedy of good men, cruelly separated from the children they love by a ruthless Vatican hierarchy and oppressive superiors in Rome – are aptly matched to a factory-worker casual jacket and a dark blue, probably rather coarse, shirt. We all know how much children love blue, and the casual dress is also clearly meant to avoid being intimidating. Sinite pargulos venire ad me is the extremely creepy message here.


These are all examples of liberals of various kind previously dealt with on this blog, the last three in the past couple of weeks.

Once again, it is clear that symbols have power, and that the way one chooses to follow regarding his exterior appearance often accurately reflects his interior world.

The religious habit has a powerful symbolic force. It is not surprising that those who betray the Church start by betraying the habit.


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  1. Nourrichard, wasn’t that the guy with the rainbow stole walking into a church with almost a riot taking place. Where the woman pulled her altar boy son out of church while scolding the fellow. It is unbelievable that somebody like this has become a Bishop, especially when looking at this ridiculous picture. What a disgrace that he is a Bishop!

    The others, we call in Germany “Krawattenpriester” (tie priests), making sure that nobody recognizes them as clergy. for reasons of cowardice, I suppose. It is a tough thing to say, but sometimes I doubt whether the Holy Spirit has come down upon them during ordination.

    • I think the Spirit has come, wk, but they have pushed him away….

      Yes, Nourrichard is the man and church was in Thiberville, if you use the search function you should find, I think, two messages about the chap. A disgrace.

      I like “Krawattenpriester”.. 😉


  2. “Piercingly liquid eye”? You are too kind. As the great Raymond Chandler wrote, “eyes like moist stones”.

    Great post, as usual.

    God bless!

    • Thanks leftfooter,

      I truly wonder how the people around him haven’t stopped him before……what continues to haunt me is that if this chap hadn’t ruined himself with his own hands, he would still be there… for who knows how long… terrifying….


  3. Mundabor, something which you also might want to write about is the way (traditional) religious orders are no longer wearing their traditional habit, e.g at OCSO (Trappists) or OCist to name a few. I could not find off hand many examples but I have seen others on TV, which I found very strange. The one I found on the Internet is:

    This is a Trappist convent in the US. The Trappists used to be one of religious orders with the strictest rules (at least before VII). Look at what happened to them on the pictures, they have given up their habit almost permanently (at least no more head veil, as I can see).

    Maybe you can investigate further with other orders on this issue?

    Best regards, wk1999

    • wk1999,
      I was very saddened by what you wrote and went to look at the link of the Trappists I knew since a child, here

      You will be pleased to know that they seem to still live in strict observance of traditional custom, according to their rule of 1892.

      From what I understand, it is very much varied, with different houses of the same orders following watered down rules or the original ones. A bit what happens with nuns, albeit not as bad.


  4. Mundabor, the same applies to me with the only male Trappist monastery in Germany:


    They even went back to the old stricter rules including the Tridentine rite (following the rules of Monte Cistello). A very good development, however, the Roman headquarters of the order did not seem too pleased when the Holy Father himself allowed Mariawald to celebrate the Missa Tridentina.

    It is as you say, some house of the Trappists have been infected by the Modernist virus, others are defending tradition. The Schisma is everywhere.

    • Yes, I remember Mariawald explicitly saying that they wanted to come back to the old rules, because the modernist attitude was literally killing them through extinction. Sadly, Jesuits and Franciscans still seem not to have got the message.


  5. check out the photos on page 6, 8, 10, 12, 14, 16

    Click to access thetrappistbrother.pdf

    • Thanks Shane,
      really instructive booklet!

      Then they say that vocations decrease; true, but once upon a time there was a stronger accent on vocations, too!


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