Tridentine Mass On YouTube, With Fulton Sheen’s Commentary

Feast your eyes (and ears!) with this Catholic pearl.

Not only you find here a beautiful Tridentine Solemn Mass almost in its entirety, but you also have the commentary of no less than Fulton Sheen, both explaining details of the Mass and providing a short translation of the Latin text as it is sung. This is the Easter Mass of 1941 in the church of Our Lady Of Sorrows, Chicago.

The beauty and solemnity of this Easter Mass, the reverence, the accuracy of every detail (beautifully explained by Fulton Sheen) put to shame the very thought of getting rid of such breathtaking splendour.

Seriously, what the Conciliar Father were thinking – and in the years immediately after the Council, figuratively speaking, smoking – will always be beyond my simple understanding.




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  1. I agree. I’m fed up with the ‘reform of the reform’ people suggesting the NO and Vatican II are fundamentally okay and that the latter was just hijacked (almost all the bishops who implemented V2 were present at the Council and voted for its resolutions).

    Vatican II is a product of the 60s (what a horrible decade) so it’s naturally quite crap and should be thrown in the shredder. Good riddance.

  2. I’ve seen this. It’s very good stuff. Our Lady of Sorrows is now a basilica, and (if its website is anything to go by) it still looks much the same as it did when this was filmed.

    We were idiots ever to try to get away from celebrating Easter like this.

  3. Very impressive. Thank you for this.

    I also found something from 1942, Holy Mass celebrated by the Holy Father (Pius XII).

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