Former Supermodel Speaks Against Abortion

Pro-Life Beauty. With Cross pendant.

This is new to me and something you don’t hear very often. A former supermodel – as such, belonging to a world with all but the reputation of being spiritual, or even half-decent – and former pro-choice advocate continues to speak in favour of the unborn life with a clarity and openness that puts to shame the almost totality of, say, our English bishops. Try this (emphasis mine):

“From the moment of conception, a new life comes into being with a complete genetic blueprint. The sex is determined. The blood type is determined. It doesn’t start out as one species and suddenly become a human being.”

This, from a person who claims that she “always has and always will fight for the rights of women”. I am not entirely clear as to what rights women need to fight for nowadays, but this tells you that the lady is certainly not your typical bible-belt fundamentalist.

The matter is, in fact  – and as Ms Ireland points out – one of mere logic: either there is a human life, or there isn’t. If there isn’t, show me that this is the case and how and when it happens that one life is born. If there is, the rest follows from mere logic.

We don’t have people like Ms. Ireland in Europe. When we hear of supermodels it is generally because of something stupid they have done, or something stupid their friends have done, or something stupid their boyfriends/husband/significant whatever have done. If they support some public cause, it is very likely – nay, it is sure – to be some very easy and popular one, and one more probable to go against Christian values than to protect them.

Kudos to women able to change their mind (as Ms Ireland openly says she did) and progress from feminism to simple logic.


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