Manuel Lozano Garrido, “Lolo”. In Case We Think Our Life Is Difficult, II

In the very first, obscure days of this blog (when I was starting to practice the blogging activity, though still posting extensively elsewhere) I wrote a blog post about Manuel Lozano Garrido, “Lolo”. During the year I have often thought of him, as his story is a rather unusual and, in its own way, very beautiful one. On Sunday it will be the first anniversary of his beatification, and I think he should be honoured by a vaster audience than the one my blog could give him last year.

One year later, the link “obviously” (grrrr) didn’t work anymore, but looking for a fitting repair I have found a nice video.

You find below the video and the original text.


Truly, we may want to think of “Lolo” when we think that our life is difficult.


This saturday, June 12, Manuel Lozano Garrido – Spanish journalist and writer also known as “Lolo” – will be beatified. His life was extraordinary in many ways. Paralysed and forced on a wheelchair at 22, he relentlessly devoted his life to transmit to others that joy and devotion he himself was feeling. The growing intensity of his physical pain did nothing to weaken his faith. In time, he lost the use of the right hand and learnt to write with the left one; received a typewriter  and chose “My Lord” as the first words written with  it; became blind and never lost his joy or interrupted his professional activity, starting to dictate his articles instead; could not easily move and wrote inspiring articles about the processions and religious ceremonies he saw from his balcony; could not enjoy health and worried about how people affected by illness could improve their spiritual lives.

His support for “Acción Católica” and his desire to help those who, like him, were gravely hindered by their illness led to the creation of “Sinai”, a prayer community whereby groups of 12 gravely ill people prayed each for a particular media. This group grew up to 300 incurably ill people and “Sinai” also became a magazine.

A remarkable trait of this very remarkable person is that in the midst of all his trials he was, well, pretty much of a happy man. Therein lies in my opinion  the lesson he still teaches us. We make tragedies of our minor problems and at times lose our serenity because of them. We give our health for granted and spend our time worrying over comparatively trivial troubles instead. We cannot even imagine how a life of growing pain and progressive physical decay can transform itself into a life of prayer, sincere joy and spiritual help to countless people.  Lolo could do it. What a wonderful person and what a wonderful example.

You can find  here a link with extensive biographical details about this truly remarkable man. While you do, I will think of how much a simple headache troubles me and hang my head in shame.


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