Detroit: Archbishop Blocks “Eucharistic” Mass

On her way to Detroit

If you don’t know what the American Catholic Council is, don’t worry: you are not alone.

In short, this is one of those ridiculous outfits which claim to be Catholic whilst clearly being Protestant. From thinking that everyone should be priest, to being in favour of wymmyn priest, to encouraging the usual pervert sexual behaviour, they serve you the whole enchilada of the “dissent” madness. You may ask why they don’t become Protestant as they clearly… already are, but intelligence and logical thinking are graces clearly not given to everyone.

It so happens that this mickey-mouse “catholic” organisation holds a conference in Detroit in the next few days, featuring some of the usual heretical muppets. The event will (would; was supposed to) also host an “ecumenical mass”, which considering the ideas of the organisers screams “liturgical abuses” from very, very far away.

Now the local Archbishop is a certain Vigneron; a man who might possibly not be a sword of Catholic orthodoxy (I seem to recall his diocese being pretty harshly criticised by Michael Voris in the past; I might be wrong) but has certainly the energy to avoid tolerating such a load of manure without reaction.

Therefore, Archbishop Vigneron has made the following:

1) he has not authorised the mass, and

2) he has written a letter to his priests and deacons stating that his questions about the mass have not been answered to his satisfaction, that the whole thing screams of liturgical abuse, and that therefore any deacon or priest who should entertain the unealthy thought of participating in this liturgy runs the risk of being dismissed from the clerical state.

I can picture the “dissident” Protestants-telling-themselves-Catholics now faced with the unpleasant reality of even a “moderate” archbishop throwing around threats of laicisation for deluded feminist/homosexual hotheads, and posed in front of the unpleasant task of having to find a priest in good standing but ready to risk the soutane (if he ever wore one) for them or show that the archbishop can well and truly block them.

Alternatively, they may ask some layman to celebrate a fake mass; or some wymmyn; and what about the dog……

I think of their situation and try to feel sorry for them in their quandary.

Thankfully, I can’t.


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  1. We have got one of those in Germany as well. It is called ZdK, “Zentralkomittee der deutschen Katholiken”, loosely translated “Central Committee of the German Catholics”. Yeah, it sounds like Central Committee of the Communist Party of the Soviet Union and it is almost the same. In the public light they claim as if they represent the lay people of the German Catholics. I cannot say that they represent me.

    • I remember hearing about them on the radio or Tv at times when I lived in Germany, wk1999.
      No idea they were such extremists, though.

      But I remember the “Wir Sind Kirche”-people in Austria. Utter nutcases.


  2. Well, I exaggerated a bit, they are not really extremists, just the ordinary bunch of V II liberals. But isn’t it stupid to call a supposedly Catholic organization a “Central Committee” as the Communists used to do. Strange choice (apparently they changed name in 1952, the old, much more appropriate name was “Katholischer Verein Deutschlands”.
    But yes, another case are the “Wir sind Kirche” guys. A similarly stupid choice of name. Actually a very small organization, but they seem to have excellent contacts to the public broadcasting and the liberal press in Germany. Whenever there is coverage on the Church in the news, one of the fellows is being interviewed as if he is really representing the Catholic lay people, the “rebels” and “freedom fighters” against the Church hierarchy. It makes you want to vomit watching it.

    • Ah, but if I remember correctly the people of “Wir Sind Kirche” do are nutcases? Womenpriest, “democracy” ideas and the like?

      Yes I also always mistrust people journalists call “representative”. Representative of the journalist’s bias, more likely.. 😉


  3. Yes, of course, nutcases, lunatics, fully agreed. However, what I am saying is, one should not underestimate the influence of these people on the public opinion. It is some sort of silent censorship game being played in this regard. Conservative views are being ignored or stigmatized as authoritarian, extremist, far right, or fascist. The Church Liberals present themselves as the ones to implement democracy, human rights into the Church., with all that nonsense as female ordination, married priests and the like. And the public media is offering them a platform to distribute these ideas. I know quite a number of people who have been brainwashed by this.

    • i fully agree, wk1999.

      I’d go further than that. These people are dangerous because in the current situation of horrible catechesis what they hear on the radio influences more of what they (don’t) hear in Church.

      This is particularly the case, when the “media Catholics” go around spreading fashionable words, “democracy”, “participation”, “equality”, and the like.

      It is a disgrace that the Church has tried to play the same game, though, with the late Pope relentlessly pursuing popularity and fashionable issues (“peace”, “love” and easy kool-aid for the shallow masses), thus making Catholics more ignorant and more vulnerable to lies spread through the media.


  4. Before you make a judgement about the Archbishop’s concern about the mass. You might read LifeSite news as to why he has concerns. I do not like your habit of being critical of priests. Try praying for them instead. And please get all the facts before you make a judgement.


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