Poll Alert! Vote Against Homo “Marriage”

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  1. The comments there are a damned disgrace. Seems the child abuse scandal is going to linger on for a while ;(

  2. Incidentally Mundabor, have you an exceptionally high readership lately? I got 9 ‘references’ from your blog today—a record high!

  3. I can’t even read the comments on most threads about gay “marriage” any more, even on conservative websites (it seems like there is a whole brigade of leftists and free-love types just waiting around on the internet to post comment to literally any thread about the topic).

    I gave up after I say many gay “marriage” supporters say something along the lines of “Any assertion that marriage is for procreation is so extreme that it doesn’t require refutation. This 2011, get with the program!”

    • I think the problem is that many conservatives choose to give them dignity, and to fight on their ground.

      How about this, instead:

      1) It’s “homosexuals” or “sodomites”, not “gay”.
      2) It is called a perversion, pretty much on the same plane with pedophilia.
      3) The reintroduction of sodomy laws must be demanded. Vocally and unequivocally.

      If conservative give such perverts a finger, they’ll take the entire arm.

      If the discussion is in terms of “gay marriage”, of course they’ll claim they are “discriminated”, as even their opponent are accepting their terms of reference!

      Perverts, not “gays”. Sodomy, not “relationship”. Comparison with pedophiles, not with married couples.


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