Western Mass… again? Petition And Useful Addresses

I have written last year about the scandalous Mass allowed every year by the every inch as scandalous Archbishop of Vienna, Cristoph Cardinal Schoenborn.

The event might happen  – and is, in fact, scheduled to happen – again this year, unless sincere Catholics the world over manage to let Cardinal Schoenborn either see the light, or get a well-deserved slap from Rome.

Click on the link for the details. Mind, though, that this is rather strong stuff.

You can sign Gloria.tv’s petition here

If you feel like wasting some time, you can politely complain (in English too) by the Archbishop at ebs@edw.or.at

You can write to the Congregation for the Clergy denouncing these scandalous shepherds at clero@cclergy.va

The email of the Papal Nuncio in Austria is: nuntius@nuntiatur.at

Or you can write to the Holy Father himself at benedictxvi@vatican.va

Come on folks, let’s do this. The mass will be stopped or not as the case may be, but the stronger the uproar, the more difficult it will be to go on with such scandals.

In addition, please consider that Schoenborn is, in theory at least, papabile and the public uproar will certainly not help him when the time comes.





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  1. Good news! Rorate Caeli reports that the “Western Mass” has been cancelled. I haven’t read any details or explanations yet. Perhaps some German-speaking posters could enlighten us?

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