Jesuit Church: When Reality Overtakes Fantasy

This is Jimbo The Clown. He would make a perfect Jesuit.

Some time ago I have written this short blog post about the priest “turning his back to the faithful” at Mass, wherein I posed the rhetorical question whether, in order to avoid the faithful being “offended” by those sitting in the pews in front of them, the Mass shouldn’t be held with the faithful in a half-circle.

In just another stunning demonstration of how stupid a Jesuit can be, this is pretty much what is happening in the church of S. Raffaele, Milan, Italy, obviously run by the once-Christian Jesuits.

In this church (if you click on the link you will see some photos) the idea that the priest is alter Christus seems to be rather outdated; the concept that the faithful go to Mass to elevate themselves towards heaven an extremely conservative, probably fascist concept; and the notion that there should be a sanctuary in the first place an expression of clerical arrogance.

Therefore, the above mentioned idiots have moved the alter to the middle of the nave, and disposed the pews around it. No more sanctuary of course, but the priest “democratically” in the middle of the faithful; in the middle, in fact, of that world beyond which he should encourage his sheep to look. Also, a circus-like (very fitting to the celebrants, this) disposition of the pews, so that the priest is not anymore even in front of them, but basically giving to many of them his… side.

The intention of this very Jesuitical exercise is the clear intention to eliminate “barriers” between the priest and the faithful. This is very much in tune with the thinking of the one who doesn’t believe in his role as a priest, doesn’t believe in the special position holy orders confer on him, doesn’t believe in the Mass as a sacrifice (rather as a pizzata among friends, with somewhat less dough) and, most importantly, believes that up to now the Church has got it completely wrong by allowing the altar to be positioned in what is clearly the wrong place.

Still, from the photos it would seem that the only side to which the celebrant clown gives his shoulder is… the side of the tabernacle (at least from what I seem to recognise, below the great crucifix).

Damn Jesuits.

Your complaint can be addressed at the Congregation for the Clergy,


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