Norway And The United Nations Make The Work Of The Devil

Wehrmacht away. Nazis still there.

From the CNA, some rather interesting news for Catholic readers.

1) Countries like Norway routinely put – through the United Nations – poor countries under pressure to legalise abortion. The idea is that if you don’t allow abortion, you are infringing the human rights of the women.

Babies have, of course, no human rights in Norway. They must have learnt that during the Nazi invasion.

2) Pressure from non better identified European Countries – always through the UN – has already achieved that Nicaragua had to (well, chose to) bow to the pressure and legalise abortion after being threatened with aid cuts.

3) Next chosen victim, apparently, Paraguay.

It is nice to know that the money of European taxpayers is used to force poorer countries to adopt the nazi agenda of our oh so liberal rulers; even nicer to realise that this is done not through the usual, old channels of covert bilateral pressure, but with the convenient excuse of the “human rights” defended by our so meritorious collection of bloody and corrupt dictatorship and pro-abortion liberal lobbies called United Nations. That Norway – one of the most atheist countries on earth – be in the first row of this genocidal movement is no surprise.
When a country forgets Christ, Hitler isn’t far away.

I’d like to know how Norway will react on the – possibly not very far away – day that the United States will seriously start to reverse the pendulum on abortion. Will they denounce the US to the UN, or give them their “recommendations”?

Damn bastards.


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  1. When I was an undergraduate, I had the pleasure about 6 years ago of hearing a lecture and speaking with a gentleman who had the thankless job of running an NGO that lobbied for the pro-life cause in the United Nations.

    He said exactly the same thing to us: the UN has no power over well-off nations (the US, most of Europe, Japan and China), but can basically force poor nations to do what it wants by threatening to cut aid money. Hence, why there are clinics in Africa with no medicine but cabinets overflowing with condoms.

    I wonder if these people, who would probably cry bloody murder if some tried to force an ideology onto them, sleep well at night knowing they’re doing the same thing to the most poor and vulnerable people on the planet?

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