The Parental Encouraging Of Sexual Perversion

"Strange and disturbing times"; Private Baldrick

More examples in the last days showing the indescribable stupidity of liberals.

The first one is a mother whose young son – only four years old, poor child – tells her that he wants a tutu. Promptly the mother seizes the moment, writes a book with the telling title my princess boy – a contradiction in terms of course, but liberals don’t let logical absurdities come in the way of their ideology – and embarks in a, no doubt, remunerative and sales-promoting tour with the poor child, explaining to all of us how bigoted we are. Chances are that this boy will, notwithstanding his perverted and exploiting mother, still grow up to be a healthy adult male utterly ashamed of his embarrassing mother (if you have seen the film “Laurel Canyon”, Christian Bale gives a very good portrait of such an adult); but make no mistake, mommy will do all she can to make of her son a pervert, because she now has an emotional investment – and a financial interest – in it.

The next level of parental perversion is shown by a Canadian couple (remember: Canada is a country able to put a Catholic bishop in front of a human rights tribunal because he’s Catholic) who, now expecting a child and not wanting to wait a couple of years before starting the perversion work, knows whether it will be a boy or a girl but doesn’t say to anyone, in order to stress that the child should be able to select his “gender” of choice. No you idiots, he won’t. Note that these parents already have two young boys going around dressed as girls. God bless all three of them, poor children.

No amount of liberal madness can ever justify playing with one’s children’s lives to satisfy one’s ideological stance. These people are seriously threatening the future of their children, either giving a substantial contribution to them growing up with sexual perversions (remember: God doesn’t do perversion; humans do!) or saddling them with a huge amount of confusion and uncertainty which will not be easy to throw away as they grow up; particularly considering that in this case perversion is not even seen with a kind of resigned detachment, but clearly encouraged and provided with parental approval. Which, by the way, is another very strong argument (if such were needed) against adoption by perverts.

Private Baldrick was never so right.


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  1. With all due respect: don’t you think that a Catholic ought to be a little more charitable? I mean, I agree 100% with your point — that gender is not a choice, and that these parents are pushing their children down a dangerous path — but do you really think that words like “idiot” or “pervert” are appropriate?

    • Yes, Dante, I do.

      I am for calling an idiot an idiot, and calling a pervert a pervert. I even find it charitable, as the shock might induce the one or other to open their eyes.

      In times when everyone expects to be flattered, a slap or two in the face can do miracles.

      These parents are losing their souls, and trying to lose the soul of their children. No one ever calls them “idiots” for that, I suspect.


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