Austria: 313 Priests And Deacons In Open Heretical Revolt. No One Is Suspended.

Presiding over the destruction of the Church in Austria: Cardinal Schoenborn.

The blog of EF Pastor Emeritus reports about the “Pastor intiative”, a delirious heretical initiative of Austrian priests and deacons thinking that they can have their way because they are many. Those of you who can read German can check here that the points repeated by E F faithfully reflect (albeit in the third person plural) the points of the “Pastor Initiative”.

For your convenience – and hoping not to ruin your dinner – I’ll copy and paste them here:

1. In every liturgy they will include a petition for church reform.

2. They will not deny Communion to faithful of good will, especially remarried people, members of other Christian churches, and in some cases those who have officially left the Catholic Church.

3. As much as possible they will avoid celebrating multiple times on Sundays and feastdays, and avoid scheduling circuit rider priests unknown to the community. A locally-planned Liturgy of the Word is preferable.

4. They will use the term “Priestless Eucharistic Celebration” for a Liturgy of the Word with distribution of Communion. This is how the Sunday Mass obligation is fulfilled when priests are in short supply.

5. They will ignore the prohibition of preaching by competently trained laity, including female religion teachers. In difficult times, the Word of God must be proclaimed.

6. They will advocate that every parish has a presiding leader – man or woman, married or unmarried, full-time or part time. Rather than consolidating parishes, they call for a new image of the priest.

7. They will take every opportunity to speak up publicly for the admission of women and married people to the priesthood. These would be welcome colleagues in ministry.

It would be difficult – but not entirely amusing – to try to rank these points in order of heretical content, or stupidity. It is also clear that even a very bad Pope, let alone a good one, should see in around twenty-seven seconds the destructive potential of this and the necessity of swiftly suffocating the revolt in the bud inviting the men to immediate retractation or dismissing them from the clerical state. I want to hope – desperately so – that if the bishops don’t act, Rome will.

Still, I do have some questions:

1. How can it be that a letter from a perfect stranger is sufficient to suspend a priest (Father Corapi, and many others) from his priestly functions, but the written and public self-denunciation of a priest as a heretic – and one who not only openly rebels to the rules of the Church, but even openly invites other priests to do the same – is not?

2. If 313 priests an deacons are not enough to punish them and set an example, when will the right moment be? When they have become 1000? 2000? 3000?

3. If there is no courage to act when the rebellious priests/deacons are 313, what should let us think that this courage will be found when these priests are a multiple of that?

4. How can it be that the Austrian bishops (provided that they do not, in fact, collude with the rebels) do not see that to let such an open call to revolt unpunished can only achieve the effect of encouraging others to participate to the rebellion?

5. How can a bishop, in his conscience, tolerate that such a priest remains in his function as priest of the Catholic church? How can he tolerate such a scandal? How can he leave such a priest at his place, in full standing, knowing that he is both in open revolt and clearly heretical? The scarcity of priests is fully irrelevant here as it is clearly better to have no priest that an heretic inviting priests and faithful to rebellion.

Again: if one didn’t know how inefficient and weak bishops can be, collusion would be the only reasonable hypothesis for such scandalous failure to act (see below).

6. Why is the Vatican doing nothing? When do they think it will be the moment to act? Are 313 priests/deacons in the same little country not enough? If not, what is enough? A revolt of Arian proportion all over the German-speaking world? Or perhaps it is better to wait that France explodes, too? What about Canada?

Now don’t think that there has being no reaction at all. Oh no. There has been the usual verbal alleged “sharp” reaction with Bishop Kapellari making very clear to them, with a sharp blabla, that he sharply disagrees. You don’t say? Really? Are you sure you are not being too harsh here, Your Grace? By the way, the last link would seem to indicate that of the 313, 250 are priests. A lot of people with Freundinnen there, for sure.

And as we talk about about bishops, make no mistake: they are the main culprits as a revolt of such massive proportions could never have been even conceived if the bishops had worked properly in the past years. The revolt of the grassroots (Austria is a relatively minor country, and 313 priests/deacons would be an awful lot in every country) is a clear indication of the complete failure at the episcopal level: failure to instruct, failure to warn, and failure to punish.

Unless of course the bishops are colluded; which would explain a thing or two.

This scandal is rapidly reaching Dutch proportions. The Dutch schism is probably the darkest page of the already, let us say, not entirely luminous pontificate of Pope Paul VI. When I read the pages about the schism on Iota Unum I remember thinking “thank God, this madness could never happen today and if it did, the punishment would be swift and exemplary”.

I don’t know anymore about swift. We’ll see about exemplary.


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  1. Thank you for making this known. I pray that the Pope will indeed prove to be God’s rottweiler”.

  2. This is very bad. Especially if this continues to grow. I fear a schism in the future if something is not done to ensure discipline. The enemies of the Church are looking for a reason to replace Her. The easiest way is to support a leftist schismatic group of disaffected Catholic clergy and recognize it as the “Church” like you would an illegitimate govt’. The northern princes did as much in the reformation. This needs to be handled strategically.

    • Irenaeus,

      in my opinion this needs to be handed brutally. Every compromise to appease an heretical movement can only have the effect of encouraging them. Personally I do not think that there would be a schism in traditionally Catholic, historically fairly conservative Austria; but I do not think that this should be a question in the first place. It should be inconceivable for every Church leader to tolerate heresy in the inside in order for it not to to erupt on the outside.

      In Italy we say: punirne uno per educarne cento (something like “punish one, instruct one hundred”). I do think that it works, and that it works very well.


  3. I agree that we should not appease… Cue my favorite quote on appeasement:)

    “An appeaser is one who feeds the crocodile hoping it will eat him last.”
    -Winston Churchill

    However, I am not sure the Church knows how to be brutal anymore. With people like MCBrien, and Kung still fomenting dissent for the last couple of decades and they still have faculties as priests… The sacking of the Australian Bishop was a pleasant surprise, but I dont think it will happen here. When Austria challenged the Pope on appointing a conservative bishop… it was B16 who blinked. And Schonborn even went on to belittle the vatican as not having followed procedures and consultations with the host country.

    It is tragic to think that education in the seminaries is so bad in Austria that it ruined a batch of so many priests. It is criminal.

    • Agree Irenaeus,

      your quote is from Winston Churchill, I believe….


    • Irenaeus, something strange has happened as I now see a much different and longer message than the one I have answered before (mentioning Churchill). WordPress must have been released your message in instalments.. 😉

      You are right that the Church doesn’t know how to be brutal anymore, albeit JP IIs action against Liberation Theology was, if belated, rather effective.

      But you see, the Church deosn’t know anymore how to do a lot of things, starting from a proper Mass. She must learn it again, then.


  4. Isn’t the real problem Cardinal Schoenborn? He has been tolerating liturgical abuse in his country for many years.. And surely the Pope, at least through Msgr.Ganswein his aide, must know of it.

    George Weigel says the Church prefers heresy to apostasy. Well, this looks like apostasy to me.

    • I can’t disagree with you, Ray, though one can’t say with certainty where the incompetence ends, and the malice begins.

      In my eyes, the Pope thinks that to touch the wasps’ nest is worse than to leave it as it is. I disagree. The wasps are not going to die, they are only going to become more aggressive.


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