NY “Same Sex Marriages” Decision And Pearl Harbour

As every blogger does, I scout other blogs, news aggregators and press agencies to inform myself about what happens in the Catholic world and to decide what issues might be the subject of my next blog post.  Some days are more eventful, others less and others still are positively boring.

What I have seen in the last days, though, is something of which I can’t remember the equal in this almost one year of blogging. The news of the so-called “same-sex marriage” has taken such a large place in the news panorama as to justify the opinion that this might become one of the biggest themes – if not the biggest one – of the 2012 US presidential race.

Mind, this is not the media storm raging one day and promptly substituted by other news the following one. The flow of angry reactions has been unabated for one week now; criticism has emerged from liberal outlets like the Boston Globe, and there are growing signs that the US episcopacy is going not to let this go.

In short, the times when homosexuals (we must stop calling them “gay”; we really do; would you call zoophiles “smart”?) could claim whatever “right” they wanted and the general population remained silent and embarrassed for fear of being considered “backward” and “oppressive” are rapidly coming to an end, the Christian ranks now slowly beginning to form.

When this happens, it will be the sure death of the homo agenda. What is generally not well perceived is that many societal issues are the pet of a tiny minority, imposed on the majority only because the latter is not upset enough to react against the imposition. It is like having a bad neighbour that is a nuisance only once in a while, and certainly not enough to start an all out fall out. But when the neighbour crosses some invisible line – or the homo agenda attacks the very foundation of Christian society; nay, of every society! – then the full mobilisation becomes, in time, unavoidable.

Or you can make a comparison with Pearl Harbour. The Japanese attacked the United States on the assumption that the country, satiated and corrupted, would have preferred to pay the price of peace rather than the one of war. But when the United States showed that this would not be the case, Japan’s war was already lost, the remaining 44 months being merely the time necessary to despatch the now already inevitable execution of Japan as a military power. Too big was the difference in military strenght, industrial capacity, technological potential. It was like a game of “Risk” by which one contestant can take an additional full handful of armies at every round. Already on the 8th December 1941, there was only one possible outcome.

The same happens in our days. Homosexuals comprise between 0.5% and 1.5% of the population. It is fair to say that they are, from the political point of view, less than a fringe group; they are, in fact, almost irrelevant. Their only hope is that they can make their issue the pet of some political group (liberals, say) and profit from the inertia of the population to get their agenda through. They are like Japan hoping that the United States don’t choose outright war.

If we look at the broader picture, we see that the combined forces of both the perverts and their assumed “intellectual” allies are vastly overwhelmed by the Christian base of the country, and that the pro-homo stance is by far not unanimous among the leftists. So much so, that even in time of prolonged media subservience to the homo agenda, and tepid resistance from the Church, they have lost all the 31 popular votes held on the matter, even in states like California! Let me stress this again: this is without the matter having become a dominant political issue, and without the Church having declared a holy war on this.

The decision in New York has, I think, changed the situation on the ground. New York State’s legislation is on its way to become the homos’ Pearl Harbour.

When the Christian giant awakens, it will take time and effort to get rid of their agenda, as it took time and effort to the United States to obliterate Japan as a military threat. But in one case as in the other, there is only one possible outcome.


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  1. nihilsubsole

    The fact that homosexuals make up such a small percentage of the population is something that I think could swing either in favor of real marriage, or against it. As you said, it could be portrayed as an irrelevant minority foisting something on the vast majority of Americans, but I have a feeling that they’d just turn it around and say something like “Well, we’re so few, what does it matter if we are given the benefits of marriage?”

    What I find most annoying is that Western culture has let such a small amount of people, who identify themselves primarily by what other civilizations at best considered an odd quirk, have so much political and cultural capital. I can’t find any other word to describe it than “stupid.”

    Thank you for your encouraging posts by the way. People always forget that the Church goes through cycles of ups and downs, in different parts of the world. When I feel down about the state of the West, I always remind myself that I should try being a Christian in China or the Sudan for a year, and then I’d know what real persecution is like.


    • NSS,
      couldn’t, though, zoophile and incestuous people also say the same? In the end, I do think that an awful lot of people will reason – wenn they have been made aware – as we do: it’s wrong and we must not admit it.

      What you say is, I think , what happens today: a “whatever” attitude that in my eyes can only work if people haven’t been made aware of the implications.


  2. I hope it does rise to a political issue in the election. Obama is afraid to explicitly confirm with words, what his actions have already confirmed because the popular polls are against this agenda. The long term problem is indoctrination. Many people my age and younger are brainwashed into thinking it is wrong to oppose these unions. When the older generation goes, so does traditional marriage. I am not as hopeful for the USA. There are signs of improvements here and there in the Church, but She is in no shape to oppose the gov’t agenda because She has a severely damaged Catholic identity. She also lacks the backbone to excommunicate these political supporters of abortion and the gay agenda. Enough is enough. The Church is afraid of losing the tax exempt status by commenting on politics… but if that is an excuse for silence, I would rather my Church be bankrupt in the USA and talk all it wants to. Abp Dolan gave a heroic effort in lobbying against this NY bill, but these politicians don’t care because there are no ecclesiastical consequences for promoting evil. This is where the bishops fail. Excommunication is meant to be medicinal and they need to start giving out the medicine.

    • Irenaeus, there is far too much talk about about the tax exempt status, I think.

      The Church should talk about religiosu issues. If this impinges politics, so be it. It this causes the loss of the tax exempt status, so be it. But at that point they will go for the jugular of the dissenting politicians without any scruple. It might even be better to lose the tax exempt status in the end, than to be slowly obliterated because one doesn’t want to.

      Providence would take care that enough money is there, as always. And a strong, combative church would certainly attract massive spending anyway.


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