Archbishop Dolan: Battle On Marriage Goes On.

Archbishop Dolan of New York

Read here the latest post of archbishop Dolan of New York about the recent disgraceful legislation in the US state of New York.

The Bishop makes clear that the battle doesn’t end here, and very laudably dares to say very clearly that what is called homophobia by the fraction of the unrepentant perverts is, in fact, theophobia, “hatred of God”.

I am glad to hear that the Bishop doesn’t want to let the matter rest and promises that the battle will go on. This confirms me in my opinion that this issue is going to stay with us and might well become one of the main themes of the 2012 electoral campaign. I am also pleased to hear that the Church is not going to be intimidated by any calls to force her to admit the “moral validity” of homo so-called “marriages” or face criminal charges. I think that Archbishop Dolan and others in the Church in the US recognise that if they don’t accept the battle now, the battle is going to reach them anyway, but not on their terms and in a position of rear guard, as the liberal Nazis try to suffocate every expression of opinion that doesn’t correspond with their own as “hate speech”, or the like. I particularly liked the archbishop’s beautiful words that “no unfortunate legislative attempt can alter reality and morality”.
Kudos to the archbishop, then.

Still, I allow myself two considerations:

1) In order to be effective, words must be followed by facts. The excommunication of the people who, as Dolan himself says, “scandalously claim to be Catholic” is in my eyes indispensable not only to try to save their souls, but more to the point to make the Catholic population aware of the gravity and scandal of such positions.

2) In this respect, Archbishop Dolan’s record is not entirely free from blame, as in his very own diocese scandalous homo masses continue to be celebrated, and behind words of convenience homosexual lifestyle continues to be promoted by the (of course) Jesuits of the church of St. Francis Xavier, where participation to so-called “gay pride” marches continues to be promoted and advertised, and rather blasphemous symbols like a rainbow crucifix can be seen (no, ladies: Jesus was not a homo; nor did he approve of homosexual practices. Cfr Mt. 10:15; nor can the Cross ever be misused in such a disgusting way).

Catholic doctrine requires that when war is waged, the intention must be to win it. Nothing less than all out confrontation is required if we want the Catholic electorate to wake up to the danger for the Christian future of the country, for its freedom of expression and, let us not forget, for their own souls.

Archbishop Dolan has been, I think, rather good at launching the car in the first gear. It is now time to put a heavy foot on the clutch pedal and get into second and third.
Starting from his own diocese.


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  1. See, M., Archbishop Dolan directs our attention to the scandal of “no-fault” divorce, ushered into practice by your hero Ronald Reagan. No matter how brilliant were his diplomacy, his sense of economics and a healthy marketplace, or hatred of Communism, he did more to operationalize emotional and psychological damage to children in the West than any other man in history. Easy divorce put children’s needs last and that has led to a culture of “my happiness comes first” and I don’t think it would be a stretch to say it has led to wholesale abortion, child abuse and neglect, etc….

    • Susie, you’ll never meet a man who is in politics for decades and does everything as you like. I am glad you called him “my hero”. Yes, he is.. 😉

      He wasn’t even Catholic… (though he might have been….)


  2. Yes, out of spite to big bazooms, brassier diva Jane Russell, his former wife did he push “no fault” divorce in California. He wuz a-smartin’ and he wuz gonna show her……

  3. Hello Susie:

    Mr Reagan was never married to Jane Russell. His first wife was actress Jane Wyman, and his second wife was actress Nancy Davis, neither of whom were, if I may speak indelicately, particularly endowed in the way you mention. Yes, Mr Reagan made some serious mistakes (like his signing of the abortion bill in California when he was governor) but he can be admired in some ways.

    Regarding Archbishop Dolan, Mundabor is exaclty correct when he implies that actions speak louder than words. Excommunications are essential now, and if he allows swine like Cuomo to receive Communion (or what passes for Communion in your typical novus ordo jamboree) then his words will mean very little and will be another signal of weakness which the Church’s enemies will sense immediately. The same goes for the buggery “masses” he currently tolerates in his diocese; if he does not act to shut them down with all the fanfare he can muster then the enemy will not take him seriously and will push their agenda harder.

    Having had the man as Archbishop where I live I know of what, and whom, I speak.

    • Dolan is, I think, a typical man of benedict’s times.

      He is more conservative than the Schoenborn/Policarpo types (good news on that front, by the way; watch this space..), but far less combative than he needs be, as clearly seen from his attitude toward the problems he has in his own house.

      Still, I have the impression that Dolan understands that he’ll have to fight this fight, and that he will have to toughen up. Policarpo is a man of yesterday, but Dolan wants to be a man of tomorrow. He’ll have to earn his stripes.


  4. Dear M.,

    It’s getting more and more difficult to leave a comment! Can’t log in on WordPress or Facebook today, so had to create a Twitter account. I’m getting old….

    Anyway, I’ll be a monkey’s uncle, Schmenz! I thought Ronnie’s first wife was that woman who did the Playtex brassier commercials on TV in the 60s. Thanks for the correction.

    • WordPress is getting so slow I can see my beard growing while waiting….

      Good sign though, means theere are more and more people blogging and writing, I think…


  5. Can’t forget the picture. M., you know me as Redvelvette on WP, Susie Conner on Facebook and now I’m sagebrushsusie on Twitter. My brain is full.

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