The Vincent Nichols Tapes Are Online

The "nuanced" Archbishop, Vincent Nichols.

Some good, brave, patient soul has set up an anonymous blog with a collection of rather astonishing (if we didn’t know the man, that is) utterances of Vincent “Quisling” Nichols in video, audio and printed format.

The title is brutally truthful: “Archbishop Vincent Nichols”; subtitle: “An unofficial record of sights, sounds and sayings from the Catholic Archdiocese of Westminster”.

From the numerous recordings, a very disquieting portrait of this spectacularly failed appointment to the Archdiocese of Westminster emerges. A man who, when he is not openly in contradiction with the Church, does everything he can to avoid saying what the teaching of the Church is. A man who, as one of the video shows, surprises even his anti-Catholic detractors, with the poor anti-Catholic man having to admit – obviously without having any idea of the implications  – that the Church in England is not aligned with Rome in matters regarding that logical and biological impossibility some call “gay marriage”. And in fact, Archbishop Vincent “Quisling” Nichols really, really wants to be on the side of the world rather than the one of the Church; it is merely that he cannot always say so openly.

I have dedicated the attention of this blog to Archbishop Vincent “Quisling” Nichols more than a couple of times already. Just to make two examples, there was the time when he wanted us to know how “nuanced” the E & W Church is in matter of so-called “gay marriage” is, or the time when he said that he didn’t know whether he would celebrate gay marriages . But the link I introduce you to today is different, because on the one hand it puts together what I have already written, and a lot more; and on the other hand lets us hope that it will be updated in future, thus constituting a sort of “Nichols Report”.

This meritorious work is already inserted in my own list of Catholic links (“Bad shepherds: The Vincent Nichols Files”). Please forward this link around: mail it, tweet it, facebook it, spread it, make it known.

Recent examples (the blasphemous degenerate so-called art of the late Mr Hrdlicka, a feat of Cardinal Schoenborn; the “Western Mass”, another feat of Cardinal Schoenborn; and the thingy with women ordination, this one the work of Cardinal Policarpo) show that Rome is increasingly more attentive to these kind of episode, and increasingly more inclined to act fast(ish) to put an end to them.

Oportet ut scandala eveniant. Unpleasant as it is to have to read (let alone: to write) about questionable or disgusting or blasphemous or heretical episodes, their public condemnation is the only way abuses can be reined in and orthodoxy made the duty of everyone, starting from those who should care for it the most.

Better days ahead. A prayer for the brave and patient soul who has done this work gratis et amore Dei is certainly in order.


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