Mark Grisanti Lets Catholic Out, Prostitute In.

On sale: NY State Senator Mark Grisanti

Being Italian, I could write a blog post or two about shameless politicians. Still, I must say that the behaviour and declarations of Mr. Mark Grisanti are rather indigestible fare even for an Italian politician.

Mr. Grisanti first says, as recently as 2009, that he is “unalterably opposed to same-sex marriage”; then says that he is still opposed to same-sex marriage, but “if he takes the Catholic out of him”, which is “hard to do”,  then he should actually be in favour;  then he proceeds to decide that to get the Catholic out of him is not hard to do at all, and prostitutes his vote against, no doubt, a lot of money for his campaign comes election time. His astonishing explanation for his behaviour is that he could not “deny anyone in my district and across New York the same rights I have with my wife”.

And why is that, Mr. Mark Jezebel? What is your marriage to do with what perverts want to have legalised? You are a Catholic, right? “Oh no, I have taken that out of me, you know”. You are a harlot, Sir.

At this point the criticism evidently becomes ferocious, and Mr Grisanti must explain whether his prostitution phase was the one before, or the one after the vote, being clear that here prostitution has been at play at some time. At this point, our lady of pleasure chooses to say that hey, he never prostituted himself, he just happened to take the Catholic out of him! Let us hear him:

“in the past what I was telling you, and what I believed at that time, was the truth.”

This is fantastic: he believed that “it was the truth” when his Democratic opponent was pro-homos and it was convenient to “keep the Catholic in”, but at the first opportunity of currying favor and money the Catholic was promptly kicked out, obviously “believing” that it be right to do so.

But this is not enough, as the barrage in front of such astonishing, Berlusconi-shaming hypocrisy forces him to change his mind again after just a couple of days and to declare that his past “unalterable” position

“was probably more political than actually conscience.”

What an unspeakable, dirty little rat, and what a triple-faced Jezebel.  In comparison to this man, Berlusconi and Craxi are shining beacons of political integrity. I hope that Mr. Grisanti – and the other little prostitutes like him – will be annihilated at the next opportunity, money or no money. Let him receive – metaphorically speaking – the same treatment he so approves in the sodomites, and we’ll see how he likes it.  It is important that it be so in order to send a clear message that such behaviour carries consequences,  and it’s the end of one’s political career.

Seriously: what a w&@re.


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  1. Sometimes I literally have to sit back in my chair, after reading articles like this one from our Editor, and try to contemplate if – and I’m not trying to be funny – the world has suddenly lost its marbles. What explains the phenomena of sensible men suddenly coming out and supporting sodomarriage? You can, of course, say that the media, world governments, etc., etc. are all pushing for this farcical abomination but even so, have these people in effect simply taken leave of their senses? What is this “hold” that homosexuality has over them?

    There must be answer to this question somewhere. Forget the religious objection, forget the sanitary issues, the disease questions…forget all of that for just a moment. How can anyone in their right mind, who is capable of tying their own shoes, seriously for a single moment in their own minds find nothing wrong with people who sodomize other men and adolescent boys? Am I living on the planet Mars? What explains this? Is their some sort of collective malaise of lunacy that has descended from the skies down to earth? Is it like the science-fiction novel “The Day of the Triffids” where people look up to the sky in wonderment at the novel’s beginning, enjoying the spectacle of a celestial light show which ultimately renders them blind so the evil outer space forces can colonize the earth?

    I don’t have an explanation at all for this. The Church, of course, is the pivotal organization that could stand up to this worldwide madness but it has become so compromised in the matter that it is not having a great effect anymore. It COULD have a greater effect, if and when we start getting leaders again. But, even so, what on this earth is driving the thinking of people who support buggery?

    • Schmenz, I think the answer is in one words: prostitution.

      We make a mistake in believing that everyone has a moral dimension. Some people have long forgotten it and their own advantage is the only “morality” they know.

      Mr Grisanti has simply reflected who would pay more for his political backside; has reached the conclusion that it was the homo side; has acted consequently. The same reasoning he had applied when he had said that he was “unalterably opposed” to homo marriage.

      This is a man with no morals whatsoever.

      The British PM is also made in that way. The day he thinks it will help him to encourage incest, he’ll do it without batting an eyelid. A prostitute of politics.


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