Michael Voris, Homo Adoption And The Grand-Grandparents

Wise words from Michael Voris about adoption and why a child can’t be abused to satisfy the ego of perverts playing “normal”. It is in fact a telling sign of the times that a society completely obsessed with child abuse when it is an excuse to bash the Catholic Church doesn’t see child abuse in letting a poor little boy or girl grow up in a dysfunctional, sexually deviant environment of self-hatred and all-round bitchiness.

Then we wonder in disbelief how it could be that in the Eighties attraction for children was considered by so many – and so many progressive priests, it must be said, and homos, it must also be said – a minor problem, easily curable with appropriate attention and perhaps not even to be taken so seriously: because it was politically correct to think that way, that’s why.

A most interesting observation, particularly pleasing because a favourite leitmotiv of your humble correspondent, is the comparison with the past: your grand-grandmother would have considered you simply mad at being told that it is normal that two perverts can adopt a child. She would stand in the company of countless generations before her. And she would be, of course, perfectly right.

Allow me to stress a concept once again: we have come to this situation because the western societies – never opposed by a cowardly clergy – have stopped making of sexual perversion a taboo. If a generation begins to think that sodomy is not an abomination, the next one will think that there’s nothing wrong with that, and the following one that therefore there’s no reason to deny to the perverts the rights that normal people have.

And then, the entire way must be walked back, to the origin of sanity and Christian decency: why must sodomites not be allowed to adopt children? Because Sodomy is an abomination. And why is it an abomination? Because Seven thousand years of Judeo-Christian Tradition say so. And why should we follow these rules? Because we are Christians, and want to attain salvation. And why should we impose these rules to everyone, even non-believers? Because this is what Christianity commands us to do . And is this not intolerant? No, this is Christian. There can be no toleration for public display of perversion. And who are we to “judge” other people’s lifestyle? Christians. But this is homophobic! No, it’s Christian.

For two thousand years, Christians have never doubted how a Christian society must be built. We are the first generation concerned with allowing the maximum number of people to go to hell, and with making of Christian values an option and a private hobby. In the past, even countries which had state and church separated would never dream of having Christian values as merely a choice. The United Stated even wrote their faith in the banknotes, and outlawed polygamy. In anti-Catholic liberal Italy, blasphemy was a criminal offence and the Pope enjoyed a protection equalled only by the King. No one would have ever dreamt of allowing homosexual “marriage”, let alone homosexual adoption. Christianity was simply understood as the matrix of moral values.

I could go on, but you get the gist: there will no successful fight against all these novelties unless we recover our Christian moral dimension and start calling them by their proper name: abominations. It is perfectly foolish to think that you can take the stigma away from homosexuality without having, one day, homosexual “couples” asking for some sort of recognition; and at that point, where will it end, your grand-grandfather would have laughingly asked: with perverts marrying? And adopting children?

Two or three generations later, we know the answer.

But you see, your grand-grandfather would never have made such a mistake. He was not afraid of words. He called a pervert a pervert. He knew that there are lines that are never crossed, because when you begin to cross them there’s no end to the havoc they’ll cause. You don’t allow the devil to make himself comfortable in your house entrance because he has told you that it’s cold outside. If you do, he’ll take the entire house, and then it will take so much more energy to kick him out.

This is where we are now. The battle against homosexual adoption must start from the battle against sexual perversion. There can be no compromise in that. We have seen the results.

Our grand-grandfathers were utterly right; and the idiots are we, politically correct wimps not willing to offend anyone and making of “diversity” our new God.


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