“Protect the Seal of Confession” Banner

Several blogs are now sporting the new, elegant banner “Protect the seal of confession”, the creation of the St. Genesius Blog.

I will insert an image of this on my sidebar and to do things tidily and without risk of links breaking, I need to post the image in a blog post of my site and then link the image to this blog post.

This is, very honestly,  the main reason for this blog post.

As I am there, I suggest that you consider inserting this on your blog (if you have one) or alternatively mail it around to people you know and won’t feel spammed by you.

Every little helps.


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  1. Excellent idea, but unfortunately neither wordpress nor blogspot accepts the url. My incompetence, perhaps.

    • It worked for me, Leftfooter, but using the images.

      I did it this way:

      1) I saved the image on my computer;
      2) I wrote a blog post with the image on it
      3) I clicked on the image: it appeared the url of the image; I copied that.
      4) I added a widget on my site bar, “Image”, using as URL the URL of my own image in the blog post.

      I also have very often problems in letting useful widgets I see on other blogs work on mine. The one with the number of abortions, for example, or the one with the mass readings of the day; but with the images it works rather fine. All the images you see on my sidebar have been installed in this way. It also has the advantage that you don’t depend on external URLs, that would give a broken link if there are changes.


  2. Mundabor and leftfooter,
    maybe I can be of assistance regarding the use of images like this as widgets. I have never done such a thing before, but it worked the way it is supposed to on my blog. Here’s what I did:
    1. Saved the image on my computer.
    2. Uploaded the image using a feature that is, in my German version of wordpress, called “Mediathek”.There should be an option to add/upload a file. It should be on the left column of the blog’s main administration page, below “Dashboard”, “upgrades” and “articles”; directly above “links”. I do not know what it is called in the English version.
    3. Clicked on the “edit” function of the image. A window should now open up, showing the image, some other information, and below it all, the URL of the image – copy this URL
    4. Added a new widget (“image”) to the sidebar, and inserted the copied URL.
    This works without first posting the image in a blog post. (By the way, I still published a blog post containing the image for other reasons and had quite a few problems to get the image displayed in the post! Exactly the opposite of Mundabor’s problems…)

  3. Mercifully it seems like there is no big threat to the seal (or if there is, it already exists)


    • I must disagree on this, shane, as the only idea of asking for something like that should have the Church and the faithful react in the strongest of ways; irrespective, I mean, of something like that already being in place here or there or, more relevantly, of the possibility of really prosecuting a priest.

      Once the taboo of the seal has fallen, there’ll be no scarcity of secular legislators willing to create real problems.


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