Michael Voris “Madrid” Video Response

This is the “Vortex” dedicated to the strange – though rather transparent in its intentions – initiative of the WYD organisers.

The video largely repeats what was already said in the message from Real Catholic Tv that has been the object of another post. Still, there are two new elements that are, in my eyes, extremely important:

1) it is the first time that something like this happens; and
2) the same need hasn’t been felt for other alleged “Catholic” groups planning the distribution of condoms or other activities in clear contrast with the Church’s teaching.

It seems, therefore, rather clear that what has happened here was a thinly disguised attempt to discredit Voris’ troops, whilst the usual “progressive” dissenters are left, as usual, largely undisturbed.

If they really want to damage true and sincere Catholics, I would suggest to the organisers of the World Youth Day that they try to do it in a less stupid way as it might be at least a bit entertaining. What they have done is, instead, simply pathetic.


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  1. I agree with Voris this time. Liberals only like lay involvement when it agrees with their agenda. (That’s why they hate the blogosphere so much — it disproves their idea that the laity are naturally liberal)

  2. Voris next mass meeting shold be called “No Bull in USCCB!” LOL!

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