DOMA: Catholic Call to Arms

The President needs more training.

CNA has a story about Dan Avila, an advisor to the US Bishop, calling Catholics to arms with words whose clarity can only be lauded.

“We just can’t simply sit back. Every Catholic and every Catholic institution concerned about marriage and the family will need to be able to step forward and advocate for the Defense of Marriage Act as federal policy,”

“Even if there’s no immediate prospect for this bill to race through Congress, the fact is that the pressure is building and the case is being made for the eventual demise of DOMA. All those concerned about the preservation of marriage simply need to pay attention, stay tuned, and be ready to respond.”

“Marriage is the keystone of the common good. When you erase from a policy on marriage any reference to sexual difference, you will force the government to ignore and to be indifferent to the absence of either the man or the woman in the most fundamental relationship that we know of.”

“I would daresay that Congressman Nadler and others who are advocating the repeal of DOMA are not also advocating for the repeal of the requirement that be limited to people,” he said. Many who argue for same-sex marriage have taken positions against recognizing group marriage, even as polygamists have filed suit charging that polygamy bans are discriminatory.

One can’t say for sure that the US Bishop will respond to this call to arm with half the energy it would require; but one thing seems clear to me: this issue is going to stay with us, and it will grow in public awareness as 2012 approaches. By supporting the (hoped for) move to repeal the DOMA, Adolf Hussein Obama has taken sides and he will have to live with the consequences.

It surprises me that Adolf Hussein would choose the side that has lost 31 times out of 31, but this is such a self-deluded child president that one should never be too surprised at seeing him, once again, piddle out of the potty-chair without even noticing the puddle.

I do hope he’ll have more of these brilliant initiatives in the months to come. More liberal, more socialist, more populist, more “change”, more Obama.

Go on, Adolf Hussein; you saw how good it worked in 2010….


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  1. M.,

    I have a hunch SSM is a forgone conclusion. The battle is over for now. In a hundred, or maybe even a thousand years, marriage’s true meaning will be restored. Contracepting heterosexuals don’t have a rationale for preserving the present state of marriage. I have given money toward the cause, but will no longer cast my lot with contracepting heterosexual Protestants and Catholics. Sex is for pleasure alone. “If you can copulate under one roof without begetting children and get economic perks, why can’t we???” say the gays, and they are right.

    I have thought of children being raised by two fairies or two dykes and I am saddened to the core that this will become the norm in society. Many will suffer and society as we know it will be so distorted and grotesque that it will become something phantasmagoric. The foundation of Western Civilization is crumbling.

    The bishops have neglected their duty for 44 years now. There are essentially no priests willing to get in the pulpit and speak about the matter. Catholics are clueless about the sin of contraception. Some have made ecology their true religion and have embraced the carbon footprint mantra. Others have embraced hedonism. Everywhere one looks and listens, SEX is distorted and dished up as fetid, rotting fast food. And the creepier society gets, the more we acquire a taste for this. Sex, sex, sex to sell eyeglasses and yogurt. Sex in teen magazines admonishing young girls to “always use protection”. Sex for old codgers via erection aids crammed down everyone’s throats every time we view a golf tournament. Coitus has been separated from begetting children, and marriage, in the societal sense, is blown to smithereens.

    There will always be Catholic sacramental marriages, but those might have to go underground, as might the entire Church in her vestige. And little by little, in sweet, rare Catholic households will be raised our future religious, priests and bishops who will begin the task of rebuilding civilization. All I want to do for now is fast and pray.

    • Susan,

      I refuse to believe that we here are the happy few who are orthodox, and out there it is full of copulating hedonists.

      There are a lot of people out there who are, just now, refusing to do what you are doing: throw the towel in.

      As fas as I am concerned, I’ll continue to fight this fight as long as I can, up to my last breath, and this is how I want to die: knowing that never ever I have decided, on any matter, that “the battle is over now”. I also can’t see the reasoning beside the argument “you use contraceptives, therefore I’ll not help you to avoid homo marriages”.

      Besides, after in the US the people has won 31 times out of 31, I think that these idea of some inevitable victory for the fags is unwarranted. The perverts will win when a majority of people thinks as you do, and as long as they continue to do so.

      But why should they? The majority are not perverts, and 31 referendums in the US alone have showed it.


  2. 90% of Catholics don’t agree with the Church’s teaching of contraception. Where will future, courageous priests and bishops come from? [ You only need one or two hundred. You can take them from abroad ] It’s going to take a 100 years to gain any momentum whatsoever.

    What is going to make people stop contracepting? Something catachlysmic. Like the destruction of marriage as we know it. The Church will be the shining beacon on the hill and the scales will finally fall from the eyes of the lost and miserable children everywhere. [Might be. But in my eyes this is no reason to abandon fight on SSM.]

    You must start at the root cause. This legislation is just a temporary band-aid. The bishops must get up in the pulpit an preach about the evils of contraception and that it is the root cause of the “gay marriage” movement. Anything less is not going to work. [Personally I think SSM is loathed by many who aren’t even Catholics. But my argument is that I certainly won’t wait for people to stop contracepting before fighting against SSM]

  3. Allowing marriage to continue with contraception, as is the norm in Western society, is like rewarding bad behavior. There must be consequences to something so intrinsically evil. The Protestants created this mudpile, and now must wallow in it.

    Faithful Catholics everywhere will suffer as well, because they will be forced to go underground and will, at every turn, grapple with their consciences in the workplace. We have our bishops to thank for that. [Why do you want to go underground at all costs? Aren’t there enough battles to be fought now, together with other Christians? If we throw the towel in, then yes, we’ll certainly have to go underground at one point]

  4. Why work tirelessly to preserve something so distorted, so against the will of God as is societal marriage whatwith its contraceptive orientation, its divorce rate, the pervasiveness of pornography in the home, etc. [Because God doesn’t say to us that there is a point where marriage may not be defended anymore]. God means for marriage to be sacramental, open to children, and enduring. Children are suffering greatly in heterosexual marriages with parents watching porn, contracepting and divorcing. What’s to preserve???? [Marriage! It is not for me, or you, to decide that at a certain point marriage is not worth preserving anymore!]

    We are to find good where ever we can, within or outside of the Church, but modern heterosexual marriage outside the Catholic Church is corrupted. [It has always been. Human nature is corrupted.] Preserve marriage between one man and one woman, but as it is meant to be for everyone, within the Catholic Church. I can’t help but feel the end of societal marriage with the embracing of contraception is the intended, natural outcome. [Marriage is a sacrament. It doesn’t end when you decide that it doesn’t correspond to your standard anymore. We are called to fight for the priesthood even if 90% of the priests have a mistress, and to fight for marriage even if 95% of the couple contracept It’s a sacrament, it’s not for us to say when it’s not good anymore].

  5. Another profoundly evil consequence of the contraceptive mentality is that children are not a gift, but an object to be created in a laboratory dish. Delay conception until it requires scientific intervention. Remove God from the pro-creative act and we have excess tiny humans stored in drawers, a few plucked to create hybrids and chimeras. Evil par excellence. And every day, in workplaces and homes everywhere, there’s chorteling with delight that someone has conceived via IVF. Dare anybody mention the excess embryoes in storage?

    You will work to preserve this insanity, M? [I’ll work to preserve marriage. Marriage is a sacrament. It is no more laboratory child than a priest is a pedophile. It’s nopt for me to say. It’s a sacrament. I fight for Christian values. It’s not for me to say what I want to fight for, and what not].

  6. Societal marriage is not a sacrament. It predates history, but as far as I know isn’t a sacrament. It’s a construct.

    Catholic marriage is a sacrament, even if it too is corrupted by the couple who were joined by a priest.

    Correct me if I am wrong.

    • I can’t see your point.

      It’s the same construct, that for us is a sacrament.

      It is not that I can ditch other people’s marriages, just because they happen not to be catholics.

      The Church even recognises the marriage of protestants.

      But more than this: marriage is the basis of Christian understanding of society. I have no intention of ever saying “I am going to call it quits on this, because I don’t like how other people live their marriage”.


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