“Why Marriage Matters”: NOM Leaflets

The National Organisation for Marriage has an interesting page, “Why Marriage Matters”.

The page explains to Protestants, Catholics and Jews why marriage is directly relevant to them, and why they should mobilise to defend it.

The leaflet for Catholics (in English) is here.

Whilst you could print the .pdf file in two pages and the work is therefore rather concise in nature, this is something that can be forwarded to friends and colleagues in the US and have, in fact, a concrete chance of being actually read.

The arguments are of rather practical nature and should therefore make the matter accessible even to those (the majority among Catholics) who don’t have a solid formation on the matter. I personally would use different, more “militant” arguments, but it seems to me that the NOM approach is simple and accessible for everyone.

This might a good idea for an email.


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