Throw The Liberals Out: A Michael Voris Video.

Church liberal

With his usual refreshing language, Michael Voris examines in the video above the present situation of the Church in the United States.

What is clearly to be understood by his message – even if not explicitly said – is that in the same way as liberals must be thrown out from the position of power they hold in universities and the like, they must also be thrown out from…. around three-quarter of the US bishop’s thrones. Whilst he himself calls for a more decisive action from the – minority of – orthodox and sincere bishops, it is clear that a spring cleaning is not to be expected, and the biological exit the most likely outcome. In the meantime, the orthodox one must become more and more vocal, minimise the damage made the liberals, purge their own dioceses of liberal influence and create a climate more favourable to the appointment of orthodox bishops; which should go without saying, of course, but such are the times…

The Church of today reminds one of Tolkien’s Rohan: dramatically weakened, largely decayed and massively infiltrated by numerous Grima Wormtongues working at her destruction; but still mighty and able to properly wake up to duty and battle, when the spell of post V II liberalism and Neo-Modernism has been cast away.


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  1. Mundabor, because those revelations in that article will be known and used by his enemies and will cause scandal to his fans. I’ve always been suspicious of celebrity Catholics (though that is probably inevitable in the culture we live in). The taller they are the harder they fall. We seen that with Fr Corapi. “Put not your trust in princes” has a wide application.

    One very positive aspect of blogging anonymity is that it limits the craving for human ambition.

    • In my eyes, fans must be rather thick to lose their trust in Voris for minor faults/problems like these.

      If he had been found with a hooker, well ok, I admit there would be a problem there. But here we are at very minor level. The proof of the pudding is in Voris being in Madrid without any problem, and the matter not having been picked by the liberal press.

      Not even Mark Shea attacks him. This really says it all.


  2. Mr Rafe has now provided an explanation for his conduct:

    Due to the lack of any evidence to the contrary the sincerity should be assumed (and even if it isn’t, we are all bound to a forgive a fallen brother), so I shall withdraw and apologize for the implications in my earlier comment.

    • Shane,

      frankly, even if Mr Rafe had been found with an entire hard drive full of child porn, I struggle to see how this could have damaged Voris. He is not the nanny of his employees and as the organisation grows, episodes like this are bound to happen.


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