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Homosexual, Pedophile And Sadist. Meet Bishop Lahey, Church Of Post Vatican II

St John Vianney, pray for us

[…] the bishop sat quietly, his right hand trembling slightly as he ran his index finger along his mouth, chin and the cleft between his nose and upper lip.

He was dressed in a grey sportcoat, khaki pants and a tan shirt with the top few buttons undone. He wore glasses and his grey hair was neatly combed and gelled.

The bishop in question is Raymond Lahey, a man found in possession of hundreds of pornographic photos concerning nude boys, some of them extremely graphic and even concerning torture. In case you think the photos had been put there by, well, chance (??) his computer also had tales concerning torture.

The article doesn’t mention with one word the homosexuality of the chap. It doesn’t even waste one word to wonder how on earth can it happen that a homosexual becomes a bishop. 

I know that I am being unfair here, but at times I get the impression that in the Sixties and Seventies if one wasn’t scum one didn’t have the possibility of becoming priest, at all. I know, it’s the magnifying lens effect  of the press, but for heaven’s sake it can’t be that they didn’t see what kind of rubbish they were getting in.  I wonder whether this chap, for example, ever had the possibility to exercise any direct or indirect influence regarding acceptance of seminarians.

If he had, it’s not difficult to imagine of which sort it was. How many others like him?

I’d bet a pint that this bishop wasn’t a staunch defender of the Tridentine Mass, but rather one of the liberal types. Am I wrong?

NuChurch: the gift that keeps on giving.


Jesuits Forced to Sell Family Jewels

Jesuits in Pictures

St. Cuthbert must have lived in times where books were very expensive articles, but he must have scarcely imagined that around thirteen centuries after his death, his own Gospel would have gone for the rather impressive amount of £ 9,000,000 in 2011 currency.

Whenever I read such news, I can’t avoid wondering what is happening. An order may decide to sell precious objects for a variety of reasons, but in this case it is clear that at least part of the proceeds will go to pay for current expenses, nicely called “educational work” and, in fact, what is supposed to be a rather core activity of the order.

Basically, what seems to be happening here is that the order is not financially viable anymore, and it is therefore starting to sell the family silver to be able to arrive to the grave in a dignified way.


One can’t avoid thinking that whilst the Jesuits are forced to sell things gifted to them – albeit many years ago – other orders like the SSPX thrive and instead of selling the family jewel, build new seminaries.

One wonders who is the order doing things right.


P.s. on a slightly unrelated matter, I thought that the sale of articles that have been blessed was forbidden; but I must be wrong on this as it is inconceivable that this article wasn’t.

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