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Homo Perverts Target Pre-Schoolers: Bert & Ernie

Friends, not fags...

You wouldn’t believe it, but there are perverts out there asking that Bert & Ernie (pre-schooler audience ) have a so-called same-sex marriage. Millions of very little children should be confronted with sexual perversion from the tenderest age. This is then called (if you are a pervert) to “beat homophobia” and to “express tolerance for gay people”.

I have the impression that the intolerance for perversion must be stepped up, instead. If you let them have their way, these perverts will start corrupting toddlers. 

In a move that sounds more dictated from common sense and entrepreneurial instinct that from rebellion to the homo mafia, the sesame workshop has flatly refused to follow the call to the perversion of little children. The argument (rather stupid, if you ask me)  is that, wait for this, puppets don’t have sexual orientation. Well no they aren’t supposed to be perverts of course, but if they are called Bert and Ernie instead of, say, Martha & Agatha it is clear that these puppets are male puppets. I mean, no one would say that Miss Piggy can’t fall in love with Kermit because a pig can’t fall in love with a frog.

I do suspect that the reason for the refusal is a different one: to do as the homos demanded would have satisfied 1% of the population, but killed an extremely fortunate children’s program. It’s not that there aren’t alternatives available, and many parents would have reacted as they should.

Therefore, and all the reasoning of the sesame workshop notwithstanding, Bert & Ernie will remain… straight.


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