As the Vatican Meeting Approaches, SSPX Invites to Pray

No, really....

I had already written in June about the possibility (and what spoke against it) that the meeting of the 14. September will lead to news concerning the canonical position of the SSPX.

It now turns out that the German internet site of the SSPX invites to pray.

The site also notes that Fellay and his two colleagues invited are, themselves, an organ of the SSPX, the “General Council”. In other words, Fellay is invited not with his two nearest aides, but the leading organ of the SSPX is invited to appear. I notice here, as others have done, that the discussions with bishop de Galarreta ended in a positive atmosphere.

Now, of course it can be:

a) that the invitation to prayer is a purely pious one, and
b) that the three SSPX men are supposed to merely talk about the discussions.

At the same time, I remember the Rosary Crusade of the SSPX before the lifting of the excommunications, and the cynical part of me can’t avoid thinking that this is the way parts of the SSPX start telling us that something big is in the making.

As I have already written in June, my suggestion would be to “curb our enthusiasms”, as the scheduled “Assisi III” in October doesn’t really make an offer of reconciliation in September really desirable in view of the heated discussions that would be engendered within the SSPX (and we have already seen that the likes of bishop Williamson would be on the war path in no time).

Still, when the SSPX invites to prayer before something happens from the Vatican I begin to think that something more than a pious attitude is in play.


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  1. We can only hope and pray.

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