“Laughed At And Ridiculed”: How to deal with so-called Homo “Marriages”

I had to make an effort to adjust to the accent of this chap. But boy, he has the right attitude! (The other two chaps are rather impressive, too…).

Over the entire West, we should wake up to the absurdity of allowing such abominations to be even considered.

We did so, because we accepted to call things the way perverts call them, instead of the way they are.

No, homosexuals are not “gay”, they are perverts. No, it is not a marriage, it is a parody of a marriage good at most for a third-rate movie. No, perversion is not a human right. No, we shouldn’t take such proposals more seriously than we take – for now – proposals to marry cats and dogs with humans.

Time to wake up, and have a good laugh.


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  1. The word “gay”, as it is used now, has nothing to do with happiness. It’s an old english slang term for a morally dissipated person. Look it up in an English dictionary.

  2. Stephen Dalton,
    the word “gay” as it is used now, clearly HAS something to do with happiness – just as “rain” has something to do with “drought”. 🙂
    But apart from that, you are right, of course.

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