Two words on the Heresy in Austria

I have taken the “Heresy in Austria” post away from the “sticky” position.

I wanted to leave it only a couple of days, but every time I read it I got so angry at clicking on the link and seeing that the “call to disobedience” was still there that I decided to leave it again and again.

With the time, though, the thing has started to nerve me rather mightily and whilst this will happen to me more often than to you, I start to think that many readers weren’t so astonishingly pleased, either.

I will re-post the post as “sticky” every now and then in order to give the situation regular visibility without unnerving the readers. On all other days, the two references to the heresy in Austria prepared from the start (the “stop” sign on the right hand side and the extra post on the upper bar, put in the second best position and only after the Rosary) will allow everyone to click and check if at least the link has been removed (it reads in German “Aufruf zum Ungehorsam”: as long as it’s there, nothing has happened).

In the meantime there has been nothing more than a moderate non-development with some more meowing from the Archbishop, meowing not only largely expected but indispensable to avoid the boot. Nothing more as far as I know. If there is anything new and relevant (excluding meowing) perhaps the one or other will let me know.

Thank you for your patience, which must have been tested in some case. I know mine was.


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  1. I don’t know of any new developments on the side of the Archbishop in this case, but there is a counter-petition called “Aufruf zum Gehorsam”, which is in direct opposition to the aims of the heretical priests led by Schüller. Every layman or priest is invited to add his signature. Here is the link:
    Furthermore, I wanted to inform you that some closet heretics appear to have been emboldened by the “success” of the call to disobedience – recently Archbishop Robert Zollitsch (Freiburg), leader of the German bishops’ conference, gave an interview, in which he called for changes to the policy of the Church regarding divorced and remarried persons – they should not be denied communion and even called such a change an act of “mercy”, thereby implying either a denial of the Real Presence or of the Indissolubility of marriage. Moreover, he held up divorced and remarried “Catholic” President Wulff as an icon of sincere faith, and declared an affinity in many political matters between the radical pro-abortion, homosexualist, quasi-totalitarian Green Party and the Catholic Church. I have written about it on my blog and provided a collection of links on the matter in a separate post.

    • Thanks Catocon, “Aufruf zum gehorsam” is beautiful!

      I will read your – no doubt, excellent – intervention and write about the matte rin the next days.

      Thanks again


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