“Orthodox” Candidate isn’t Kosher, say Rabbis

Curb your enthusiasm, bubala...

I do not know much about the Jewish world, though I seem to understand that they are in the middle of a bit of the same discussion going on in the Catholic world at the time: the orthodox on one side, the liberals on the other.

By Jews the problem seems to be a bit more complicated because of the fact that in Judaism religion and culture seem so intertwined, with people claiming to be atheists and Jewish at the same time, which seems rather absurd to me but evidently not to them.

Even more confusing is to know that there are people who define themselves not only as Jews, but as Orthodox Jews (which has, as I understand, a rather well-defined meaning, unlike Pelosi’s “ardent Catholicism” which means she doesn’t care two straws) and then proceeds to support perverted “marriages”, even – and here I couldn’t believe my eyes – claiming that his orthodoxy is the ideal behind his vote.
Words don’t count anymore. Orwellian.

Now, such a chap – Weprin is his name – wants to reap the fruits of his meretricious vote by running to substitute Anthony Weiner (the compulsory wiener-photograph) in the New York State Assembly.

Still, it is not going to be an easy ride for the chap, as a group of Rabbis now publicly invite those of the same persuasion to not vote for him. Which should, if common sense is any indication, make some damage to his “orthodox” credentials.

This will be interesting to watch, as the “liberal” (I think this is code for: atheist) Jews will probably support him anyway, and the Queens’ Democrats are possibly nutty enough to let this go.

Conversion material all of them anyway, I hear you say.

I wholeheartedly agree.


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  1. Ah! The Orthodox Jews would make great, serious Catholics.

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