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The SSPX, the Mamma and the Cake

No poison in the fudge, says the Vatican.

One of the things I love about (us) Italians is the imaginative, colourful language. A beautiful example comes from Don Alfredo Morselli’s brilliant blog post of Messa in Latino, examining the possible content of the Preambolo Dottrinale.

The blog article is very long and I will not even attempt to translate it, but there is a concept (the key message) there that is very interesting.

According to this article (I am very aligned with this hypothesis, as it can be read around the blog in several places) what the Vatican is asking from the SSPX is nothing else than the renunciation of the “poisoned cake theory”, allegedly an image invented by Bishop Williamson. Williamson’s idea is that Vatican II is like a poisoned cake: once you know that there is poison inside the cake, you throw away the entire cake instead of discussing which parts of it aren’t poisoned.

The answer of the author (and very probably: of the majority of the SSPX) is as follows:

..la Mamma (la Santa Madre Chiesa) non fa torte [avvelenate], ma, in virtù delle promesse del Salvatore, può fare solo torte buone (altrimenti prevarrebbero le porte dell’inferno). Certamente però, come a ogni buona mamma, qualche torta o qualche sua parte non riesce sempre al meglio.

My translation:

“The mamma (the Holy Mother Church) bakes no poisoned cakes; on the contrary, in virtue of the Saviour’s promises, she can only bake good cakes (otherwise the gates of Hell would prevail). Certainly, though, as it happens to every good mother, some cake or some part of the cake does not always result in a perfect success”.

I have the impression that truly nothing more than this is required of the SSPX, and I frankly wonder how less than this could be required.

I also notice that:

1) the press release of the 14th was a joint one. I wonder how can it be seriously feared that at least Fellay and his strictest collaborators have worked to the presentation of a dish which they themselves have no intention of eating. If Fellay & Co. hadn’t considered the Preambolo worthy of approval, the tones would have been rather different ones or, more probably, no joint press release would have taken place.

2) Bishop Williamson started to become rather nervous already in June, before the news of the Preambolo Dottrinale but after the news of the invitation for the 14th September. Once again, with the benefit of hindsight we can clearly see that Williamson understood that the Vatican proposal would have cut in the middle between his position and those of the more moderate elements within the SSPX.

We will see how this evolves. Frankly, though, I can’t understand how one can avoid being optimistic in the presence of so many encouraging signals.


Cameron Backs Sodomite “Unions”

Mundabor's personal gift to the PM

If you ever had any doubt that David Cameron is the enemy of every Christian in this country, every doubt must have been dissolved after the chap revealed of being strongly in favour of so-called “gay marriages” and to want to start consultations to introduce it next March.

Cameron’s behaviour – certainly not approved by many among his own people, but very probably accepted as part of the effeminate cowardice now become prevalent within the once glorious Tory party – is fully in line with the Cameronian idea that bed-and-breakfast owners who do not want faggots to sleep more uxorio under their roof are intolerant, and with his blatant mockery of Christian values under the usual veil of being “compassionate”.

I will not say what I think of the man, because you know already and I would avoid becoming too explicit.

What I will follow with interest in the next months will be the reactions within: a) his own party (David Davies? Liam Fox?), the Catholic Church and, in case Christians are still among them, the Anglicans.

Let me say that I do not have much hope, as the first group have reduced themselves to street workers ready to do everything if it helps them to stay in power – learning from their boss, no doubt, who has been developing political whoredom to a fine art for many years -, the seconds are led by a clear – if not explicit for reasons of job security – heretic and supporter of sodomy, and the thirds have largely forgotten what Christianity is in the first place.

Still, you never know when the pendulum starts to swing the other way: in the United States the signals are increasing that the decision of the State of New York has been the event that will now start a massive offensive in favour of basic Christian decency (no: decency tout court) and it can’t be excluded that here in the UK this latest push towards institutionalised sodomy will cause the opposition to get organised and to become vocal.

I have said many times – and repeat now – that pieces of legislation like this deprive a country of his democratic legitimation -. Democracy is certainly not a bad idea in itself – Pope Pius XII was a great supporter – but when a democracy betrays Christian values, this democracy loses its right to exist. When the next British Franco comes out – and make no mistake, unless things change radically it is only a matter of time before he does – Christians will certainly not be on the side of such a democracy and those on the side of such a democracy will certainly not be Christians.

It is very naive to think that democracies are destroyed because some small clique of evil people manages to overcome the will of the peaceful, democracy-loving majority. On the contrary, democracies make themselves vulnerable and worthy of getting rid of because they fail to get the support of the masses on the secular plane, and/or want to defy God on the heavenly one.

The Italian democracy succumbed to Fascism because most people were perfectly all right with ditching the first and getting the second. The German democracy was defeated with utterly democratic measures, showing its failing of democratic legitimation in the most democratic of ways. The Spanish democracy died when it was clearly on the way to being substituted by an anti-Christian repressive apparatus. One sees analogies, for sure.

Cameron is working against Christianity, and he is working against the British democracy. He may think that whatever brings to him an electoral advantage in the foreseeable future works for him, but he will change his mind the day he dies at the latest, and his initiative will, in time, further alienate vast strata of the British population from a government system not seen anymore as being in tune with their own values.

In the meantime, you would expect that the Catholic bishops would rise up in arms and start telling Cameron very clearly to shut up and repent, nicht wahr?

Catholic bishops, yes; but no, not our bunch of heretics. They’ll meow a bit, if they really must, but that will be all.

The battle will be fought – and won – primarily in the United Stated. Old, weak, de-Christianised Europe will, as always ,follow.


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