Homos: The Hate Speech Card Is Played Again

By the grace of God, I have lived a very sheltered, bourgeois middle-class existence deprived of contacts with “alternative lifestyles”, and cannot say to you that the reaction of a sodomite to what he perceives – or wants to perceive – as an insult is something with which I am very familiar on a daily basis.

Still, the very small number of unrepentant homos I have been forced – by way of belonging to the same community of foreigners – to come in contact with did tend to have a whining, bitching, passive-aggressive attitude that persuaded me very rapidly that the possibly worst nightmare on this planet is a relationship between two faggots.

You see, some women may be passive-aggressive, and some of them may be bitching; but all of them will be, to some extent, feminine. The same Providence that made each sex in its own way also provided us with ways to make our shortcoming accepted by the other sex. Not so of course in the case of the whining homo: in this case, you’ll have all the bitchiness without any of the femininity, and all of the aggressiveness without any of the (authentic) manliness. A tragic parody of creation, and a cautionary tale for us heterosexual, who are shown in a rather scary way what happens when the Devil is allowed to install himself firmly into one’s consciousness and system of – aha – “values”. Coprophagy is another example, but at least the followers of the latter “lifestyle” haven’t asked to be “married” to their feces yet.

And so it happens that people claiming to be persecuted are, without questions, the finest Nazis around, and would gladly shut us up just for having a system of values that – incredibile dictu – rejects perversion.

We had a prime example today, with the well-known blog of a Catholic priest publishing an email from one of these pathetic, bitching little perverts.

This idiot doesn’t know the first thing about freedom of expression – which still exists even in England, where “Hug-a-fag” Cameron hasn’t managed to wipe it out completely yet – and so he doesn’t hesitate in defining his Catholic view on sexual perversion, expressed by the priest in question with extreme kindness and sensitivity, a criminal offence; the same happened, of course, with the supportive comments of the blog’s readership: hate speech all of them.


A letter to the bishop has been now announced. I very much doubt that it will have any consequence whatsoever, but by the actual standards of UK bishops you can never know whether, perhaps not today on this occasion, but another day on another occasion, the one or other trendy bishop won’t profit of some bitching sod to silence the blog of some brave Catholic priest.

This makes, in my eyes, the more important that the blogging laity, who besides having no vocation doesn’t have the problem of being told by a bishop what to do with their blog, says things as they are and contributes to the end of this unbearable stench of political correctness that allows every idiot with broken sphincter to think that he can bully decent Christians.

In honour of our whining little fag I have preceded this blog post with a fine piece of comedy from Eddie Murphy, a brilliant comedian who was forced to apologise by the gay mafia for his trenchant and perceptive  humour in order to be able to continue to work, and whose brilliant comic spirit – and truthful spirit of observation – should receive more notoriety now that the homo SA think they can get aggressive. Please forward the video to friends and acquaintances if you can.

We know how the SA ended, by the way.



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  1. Homosexuals very frequently call Catholics much worse than ‘faggot’. It seems like Catholics are expected to be nice to everyone while complacently accepting all the vile filth thrown at us. We need to revive the Crusader spirit. (John Paul II’s endless apologies did enormous damage to the Church credibility wise. No one would want to join an institution ashamed of itself. We have put far too much emphasis on being ‘pastoral’ in the last 40 years.)

    • I fully agree again, Shane.

      Besides, our being oh so “nice” is what has brought us to this situation in the first place, with homo-“marriages” in the cards and Catholics at risk of being – while being so nice – outlawed.

      We need to step up the fight, get a bit more aggressive and bury the enemy under a ton of ridicule; which is, by the way, a form of social control that has worked well in the past, until this stupid generation got so fixated with being “nice” at all costs.


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