Vanderbilt University: Sodo-Nazis At Work Again

I sometimes have the impression that the taking of drugs in certain parts of the United States is not only largely tolerated, but compulsory.

As this video says, this “takes political correctness to new highs”. What has happened this time that is that a militant sodomite has been refused admittance in a Christian prayer group because, the group requiring the members to be Christians – with all that this entails, including the opinion about sodomy, bible studies, meetings – he is “discriminated” and therefore the group must change its rules or be shut down.

What is more shocking – and another important indication of the widespread abuse of illegal substances – is that the local Catholic prayer group adjusted its admission criteria to comply with the needs of the sodomites.

Then we complain that we have homosexual pedophile priests.

The university officials did not want to go in front of the cameras, but said that they were working with the religious group to “bring them into compliance with Vanderbilt’s non-discrimination policy”, and at this point the smell of marijuana is clearly perceptible from London, UK.

These liberals and perverts are worse than the Nazis.

I think the following song might give them some motive of reflection. Or not, as the case may be.


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  1. I wanted to comment about the allegation that the Catholic student group “caved” or “watered down” its constitution. It did not. The FOX News report misconstrued the Catholic group’s position. Our constitution was written last year (before the university began its pro-homosexual agenda) and simply said our leaders would have to be university students. Who would have dreamed that a non-Catholic or practicing homosexual would have applied?! That seemed to have been implied! Yet, ironically, the university interpreted our constitution the way they wanted and not the way we meant it (this seems to be the state of constitutional interpretation these days). Anyway, without seeking Vanderbilt Catholic for comment, FOX reported that our constitution was watered-down to comply. Without knowing the full story, the facts may bear that interpretation, but it is simply not correct. We have since amended our constitution and will likely be put on provisionary status with the other Christian groups. This has become a scandal that makes our ministry look unorthodox. We apologize for not having the foresight to see the university taking these steps. As we are resolved to provide orthodox Roman Catholicism at Vanderbilt, we ask for your prayers. God bless–

    • Nicely put, Mr Cunningham.

      How would the Catholic group react to the request of an unrepentant sodomite to become member of the Catholic prayer group?

      If Fox reacts to your complaint, please let me know.


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