Rediscover Catholicism.

Very intelligent and perceptive video from Michael Voris. He examines the difference between the Anglo-Saxon countries (I include the UK), where the Catholic hierarchy has been occupied for decades with appeasing the Protestants, and Continental Europe, where the Catholic hierarchy has been occupied for decades with appeasing everyone, that is: mainly Catholics. And in fact, a European landing in the US would immediately notice the strong religious feeling still present there, at least compared with the standards he knows. Similarly, a Continental European moving to the UK would clearly notice how protestantised Catholicism has become, when compared to what he sees in traditional Catholic countries.

Voris expresses some intelligent concepts:

a) Protestantism leads to atheism. This is particularly evident in Europe, where one and a half generation of Communism could only scratch the surface in the religious feeling of Catholics – whose religious faith is now coming back with a vengeance, see Poland, Hungary – but completely annihilated Protestantism, that has been wiped out as religious belief from, say, the former DDR and has become nothing more than an embarrassed talk about social justice by people in funny clothes.

I had wished to hear such words from Pope Benedict during his recent visit in Germany. Alas, we got a visit to Luther’s sanctuary in Erfurt instead. Mala tempora currunt.

b) Atheism doesn’t develop overnight. It is rather the result of a gradual process, where the failure to transmit the truths of the faith leads to a slippery slope gradually ending in the cessation of the faith in God. Once again, I’d say that the empirical evidence confirms this analysis, and the only ones who can’t see it are the priests of the V II generation.

c) The solution of the problem is to rediscover Catholicism. Which seems easy to say, but implies the rejection of that protestantised “do not judge”, “love and do what you like”, “heart in the right place”, “provided you believe in God you’ll be fine”- mentality that is the standard fare of so much of nowadays Catholicism in the UK; if not explicitly so, certainly in the message that it is desired the sheep take home with them.

As I have opined very often, the problems of Catholicism are largely self-made. They are the product of five decades of self sabotage planned and executed from the Catholic Clergy, in what might well be the most insidious – if not the most spectacular – attack moved by Satan to the Church of Christ in these last two thousand years. It is, in my eyes, pure folly to say that the diffuse secularism of the modern world is the fruit of its unprecedented wealth. The United Stated is the most powerful, and its citizen among the wealthiest on the planet, but the religious feelings there are still rather strong. Similarly, we all know people who are very rich and strongly religious, and people who are poor and atheist.

Faith is nothing to do with wealth, it is about being properly instructed.

Rediscover Catholicism. This is the only way.


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  1. I think you have an overly optimistic view of Catholicism in Poland. 95% may declare themselves to be Catholic but the percentage of church goers here is far lower. There is a strong divide in the country with the south and east being more religious and this is reflected in political divisions.

    • Samuel,

      I so wish the Church in France, Italy and Portugal had the same problems than the Church in Poland.

      I certainly haven’t said that the situation is wonderful. I doubt that there has even been a country, in any given time, where 95% of the population were true believers.

      Still, I so wish…


  2. That’s an interesting point. English culture is profoundly Protestant. Even after secularisation, all the old Puritan assumptions have been left intact.

    BTW do you have any comment to make on this 😉

    • I do not agree with the rantings, Shane, but the discussion is too complicated and I do not want to waste the time. The Italian justice system is vastly superior in some things, and vastly inferior in others.

      We have no rioters, too.


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