Sodo-“Marriage”: Hate Card Not A Joker Anymore

Not what it used to be...

It appears more and more evident that among the black population in the United States the support for sodo-“marriage” is rather in the minority, even in places like California where you would expect people to be, in a way, more liberal or at least more prone to listen to the Democratic party.

The last piece of information comes from this poll conducted in Maryland, which among other things (look at the Obama approval rate numbers if you want to have a laugh) states that opposition to re-defining logic marriage is 59% among the black population, a massive 10% more than the average.

I know, I know, statistics….

Still, from what one reads around even from this side of the Pond, it seems to me that the black support for traditional marriage is a fact.

This means that all those homos and their liberal friends playing the hate and human rights card have, how should I put it, a slight problem…


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