“Religious Harassment” Training Harasses Catholics

This comes from the “American Papist”. It is not a joke, but pure fact.

Follow with me the horrible ordeal of Khalila, the good Muslim, and Janice, the nasty Catholic woman.

This is a new slide of a training that is at least five years old. Some moron must have taken part at a sensitivity training too much, and thought he/she would use it to try to look intelligent.

Let me describe what is happening with the words of the Catholic woman who has to take the training every year, and spotted the addition:

By creating this implausible scenario, the trainers did exactly what they’re trying to educate people from doing. They used an offensive stereotype about Catholics, implying we would be the type of people to blatantly intimidate or harass another faith. Under the guise of educating people, the trainers actually become the ones who offend.

Beautiful words, and so fitting.


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  1. As a Catholic descended from Jews and Muslims, there’s a word in Yiddish that describes the kind of person who comes p with this kind of program: schmuck! (It means prick! in English.)

    • Thanks Stephen!

      I had heard the word on TV, but didn’t really know what it meant.

      I like “bubala” a lot, btw…

      The Germans use “kosher” a lot.


  2. To the millions of Christians, mostly Catholic, betrayed by the west and silenced in the media , suffering murder, rape , extorsion,exile, kidnapping, and slavery by the tens and hundreds of thousands and millions at this very time, let alone discrimation with a capital D, in the lands of the religion of…..
    What was that appeasement motto against Churchill: Don’t let’s be beastly to the Germans.
    What a filthy piece of danegeld.

  3. This is totalitarianism with a “nice” face – and therefore much more dangerous. One can only agree with the woman you quoted above – but I want to make another point: Even the sheer existence of “sensitivity training” is a totalitarian attempt at mind-control and brainwashing.
    Yes, the way the Catholic (in the fictional scenario) reacted is mildly unfriendly. But to think about “complaining” because of such a small thing appears to me almost vindictive. The answer any “sensitivity trainer” would get out of me in this situation is: Whining Muslim woman: GET OVER IT! GROW UP!

    • Catocon,

      I’d reply by saying to the “sensitive” Muslim woman that if she can’t cope with a Christian country she can bring her sorry scarf in some Muslim country, where they’ll teach her to be “sensitive” all right.

      Am I too harsh?


  4. Mundabor,
    I don’t think so. But you might just be “insensitive”… 😉

    • Terrible, isn’t it? 😉

      And the more “sensitivity trainings” I have to go through, the worse it becomes.. 😉

      If only I had learned to play the tambourine when I was young(er)… 😉


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