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France: Poor Clares Not Entirely Starving

From Rorate Caeli, the new mansion dwelling of the Poor Clares in Ronchamp, France.

Turns out the Poor Clares aren’t so poor after all, as twelve million euro are spent to provide suitable accommodation for seven of them. Last time I looked, that was 1.7142857 million euro per (Poor) Clare.

One wonders how the “Rich Clares” would live.

Please also note the extreme spirituality of the place, immediately recognisable as a place where Catholic sisters live, and irresistibly inducing to spirituality and contemplation.

You will be glad to know that no Church money has been spent to create this… thing, which is actually the work of the rather well-off lay organisation owning the site; still, one wonders what has happening to once cherished concepts like, say, Christian spirituality.

The author of this work is Renzo Piano, whose fame rests, among other things, on some of the most anti-spiritual religious buildings ever devised by human mind. As you can see in the photo, this was another excellent effort.

Poor Clares. Every little helps*.


* That’s only for the Brits, I am afraid.

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