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As my American readers won’t know, in the last few years Halloween has become bigger here in the UK, blown out of all proportions considering the near-zero level of such a tradition.

This new fashion is, really, nothing more profound than the next stupid TV program, and basically just another occasion not to think and/or get drunk. Pubs, restaurants and venues of all kind have started to pump “Halloween” as if it was St George’s, or St. Patrick’s day. Very soon, millions pretended to believe the hype, as it offers another occasion to “have fun”, basically a polite way of saying “getting drunk to the point of vomiting”.

As we are in England, Halloween is conveniently anticipated to the last weekend before the 31 October; therefore, this year Halloween basically fell on the 28 and 29 October, with the 31st clearly left for the children. Children, it must be said, who to great numbers (at least in London) haven’t even been baptised and might not know what Christmas is about, but – make no mistake – will grow up knowing what Halloween is.

Aahh, the miracles of inclusiveness, diversity, understanding for the disintegration of every value and the loss of every decency… but hey, the parents will have to make some “sensitivity training” in the office, so everything is fine, isn’t it?


Fast forward, Poland, All Souls Night.

I read Left-Footer’s comment on how the Poles live this night and boy, was I ashamed. Please follow the link and give it a read yourselves.

By the way, tomorrow is Holy Day of Obligation. You may want to google the mass times of the churches near you, or near your office.

God help Western Europe.


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  1. Thanks for the heads-up, and God bless.

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