Celebrity And Stupidity

You know how credible certain types of “celebrities” are (beautiful, granted; but come on…) when they:

a) support so-called “gay marriage”, and
b) divorce after 72 days.

The blind are leading the blind. One thinks that these people do have an influence in mainstream culture, and shivers…

(No…. no photos of Kim Kardashian…)


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  1. The Daily News (a trashy New York tabloid like the Daily Mail, but I get it sometimes because my grandfather worked for them before he died) had this on their front page, and basically got it right: the whole thing must have been a sham to make money. They reported that the couple made over 17 million dollars with the sale of photos and the like.

    Sad times we live in. I truly believe that the only way we’ll stop the full on acceptance of every perversion is to recover some sanity in heterosexual relationships.

  2. Who is Kim Kardashian? And, would I care if I knew?

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